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Refer a friend or your family – Become our Style Agent

No matter, if you are interested in setting up your own tailor store, become a local Reseller, traveling Agent, or wish to establish your own online Tailor portal and are in need of a reputable, responsible, trustworthy and professional Tailoring Partner, we will be happy to work with you!


Our Reseller program allows you to set up your own tailoring services, either using your own brand name or ours. No matter your choice, we will provide you with the workmanship, fabric, and all accessories that you would need to set up your own operations as required.

Currently, we provide the below options:


Refer a friend or your family – Become our Style Agent

If you want to start your own Tailoring business in your country, we are able to provide the following services:


  • Fabrics, workmanship, and/or Tailor accessories
  • Provide measurement forms for Men and Women
  • Provide standard order forms
  • Provide fabric sample books (for prices, please get in touch)
  • Provide design books (for prices, please get in touch)
  • Provide your brand name labels (for prices, please get in touch)
  • 14 days turn-around delivery (including shipping time), upon receiving the downpayment for the order.


In order to become a Reseller for Exclusive Tailor, we require the following from you:

      1. Your complete company and personal profile
      2. A copy of your company’s business registration in your country

You already own a tailoring business

If you already own tailoring business in your country, we are able to provide the following services:

  • Fabrics, workmanship, and/or Tailor accessories
  • 14 days turn-around delivery (including shipping time), upon receiving the downpayment for the order.

Setting up your own online Tailor portal

If you want to set up an online Tailor portal, please reach out to us. The following information and details are required in order for us to verify you.

      1. A copy of your company’s business registration in your country.

The exact point of service in which you wish to be a part of our Reseller program. One of our employees may call to speak to you or you may be asked for further information or details before your inquiry can be processed.

Setting up your own online Tailor portal

We provide the following Start-up Reseller kit to local Resellers or Traveling Agents.

Fabric Swatches:

Thousand of comprising fabric swatches (for suits, shirts, blazers, pants, overcoats, chinos, shorts, casual jackets, dresses, and much more.
A price list is included with the fabric swatches.

Customization options:

Customization options and full styling features for every tailored garment

Tailoring tools:

Measurement tape and other tailoring tools assist in the measurement.


Order forms, alteration guide, and complete measurement instructions.

Other services provided by us:
  • Online training on professional measurement & understanding the complexities of different body types
  • Short production cycle, 14-day delivery
  • DHL/FedEx express shipment at a major discount
  • Return shipping & alterations

Please send an email for the cost of our Start-up Reseller Kits.

Once you get our sample fabric swatches and order forms, you can start taking orders from your clients and sending us the order to tailor. Once measurements and specifications of your customers are provided to us we will make the garment they choose with the exact specifications that they order. We use many of the standard courier services like Ups, DHL, FedEx, EMS, but are flexible with other options and suggestions that you provide.

Also, it allows you to set up your own Tailoring service, either using your own brand name or ours. We will provide you with high-quality workmanship, plus all you need to set up your own operation.

Global Reseller Program:

Our reseller program is available to you no matter what country and city you are based in around the world. We can cater to orders for as many customers as you can provide with no minimum or maximum.

Tailoring Trunk Shows:

Prices start from USD 50 per shirt, but it really depends on your choice of fabric. Generally, shirts range from USD 50 – 100.

If you prefer to have us come and take measurements of your customers, family, friends, colleagues, or business partners, we are happy to do so. All it requires is that you gather 20-30 different customers who are ready to get measured for tailored clothing. We gladly provide you with artwork for your local advertisement, whether that is online or offline. We have several online ads and offline offers on hand, ready for you to distribute.


Over the years, the tailoring business has merely been ruled by Asian business owners. This is simply because of the following reasons:

  • Low manufacturing cost of fabrics and other materials required in the tailoring business
  • Cheaper labor workforce, thus cheaper costs for the customer
  • High expertise in tailoring
  • Quick turnaround deliveries

The workmanship is the best. As any Tailors know, they have to be outstanding in their workmanship in order to stay in this tailoring business of today.
Exclusive Tailor is proud to be one of the most outstanding Tailors in Thailand providing uncompromising workmanship.

Quality Fabrics are imported directly from manufacturing countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, and Egypt, whilst cheaper fabrics are imported directly from some Asian countries. Exclusive Tailor has this privilege over many other Asian tailors which have laws restricting imports of fabrics.
Exclusive Tailor is able to supply quality fabrics to bespoke clothing.

Expertise in tailoring has come after years of being in the tailoring business for Exclusive Tailor.

Established in the year 1988, Exclusive Tailor has today made a mark in the world of Tailoring as one of the most experienced tailors in Thailand.
Expertise in tailoring is the only business Exclusive Tailor knows.

Tailoring Materials and Products, such as fabrics, tailor chalks, measuring tapes, tailor scissors, display mannequins, dummies, and clothing linings are all part of a Tailor business.
Exclusive Tailor is the supplier of all necessities for a Tailor business making it convenient for Tailor store owners as a one-stop center for all tailoring needs.

Quick Turnaround Deliveries are very important in today’s busy world. Many would prefer to have delivery of their bespoke clothing “yesterday”. At Exclusive Tailor in Patong, Phuket, we understand.  With a complete labor force of designers, salespersons, cutters, tailors, and admin personnel working around the clock, supervised by the owner’s Johnny & Nitu, we are able to construct and bespoke a suit within 24 hours for local urgent orders.
Exclusive Tailor is able to provide quick turnaround deliveries to its customers without compromising on the quality of workmanship.

Become a Local ResellerTraveling Agent, or business partner today and be a part of a successful and thriving business that is known for its great quality, affordable pricing, outstanding workmanship, and customer service!

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