Measuring Guide Ladies

Measuring guide for Ladies

To create your perfect tailored suit, we need accurate measurements. You can take these at home yourself or get a friend to do it for you by following the advice in the videos below. The clips are easy to follow and, once you have your measurements, you simply need to provide some basic details and then submit them to us. Shortly after, we’ll be in contact to confirm we have your measurements and to discuss the next stage of the process with you. It’s important that you take all measurements, even if they don’t seem relevant to the garment you want to have tailored. If you haven’t yet made a final decision on your order, don’t worry, we can store your measurements ready for when you want to place an order for a custom suit.

Bust Height

Bust Width

Jacket Length

Front Length



Lower Waist



Back Full Length

Back Half Length

Skirt Length

Skirt Hip

Sleeve Length



Trouser Length

Trouser Hip

Trouser/Skirt Waist

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