Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland: What styles to look out for this Winter

Autumn is coming to a close, and that means winter is just around the corner. This means your autumn fashion options will soon be out of date, and you’ll need to swap things out, right? Well, hold your horses, as those brown coats and shoes might just be the right thing to don during the cold snowy months. Even if you aren’t a fashion expert, our short guide here will prep you with all the knowledge you need about winter fashion.


When we say browns, we mean the beige and chocolate shades that were very much the trend during the 1970s. Whether you’re going for the simple T-shirt casual style or a full on semi-formal look with a coat and hiking boots, you definitely won’t go wrong with brown.
Experts are predicting fake fur coats and sheepskin clothing to be all the rage, and even if you aren’t the type to go all in with one color, tacking on shades of white or black can work beautifully with your tonal dressing with brown. Our recommendation for casual styles would be brown blazers or, for the adventurous, milk chocolate suits.


Speaking of black, leather is returning to prominence (has it really ever left?). It’s time to being out your inner Morpheus and grab those overly-long leather coats, the darker the better. In fashion shows all over the world, going full on leather seems to be the trend, with leather trousers and boots completing the look.


Layering isn’t only limited to those leather get ups, the catwalks were filled with models putting on not one, not two, but up to seven coats at the same time. Blankets, capes, wind breakers, you name it, layering gone wild is the new winter style. For those of us looking for a more practical option, two is the magic number. Over a thinner coat, put on an extra thick coat for the full effect. Style and warmth, a match made in heaven.

Animal Prints

To think everyone was calling for the death of anything animal a few seasons back. This year, fashion shows were almost jungle-like in terms of variety, with leopard print coats and crocodile or snake patterned trousers being as common as anything else. Some models spliced together amalgamations of patterns to beautiful effect, and for wild hearts out there, this is definitely the trend to follow.


Blanket wraps are all the craze, with the latest versions sporting a larger size with specific cuttings for an even better fit for the best silhouette. Brown, as previously stated, is the color of the season, and patterned blankets are the right way to go. Combine a light shade of tanned brown with a bright cyan shirt underneath and you’ve got yourself a winner.

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