You might have heard the saying before that every piece of attire is an investment, and we are true believers of that saying. The right piece of clothing, whether a full suit, a dress shirt or a simple sports jacket, is never an off the shelf option. If you’re thinking about getting a good suit set from your local department store, don’t. You’ll be getting a decent suit, but it’ll be average at best.
Store-bought options will never be perfect, as they’re designed to fit a majority of people, rather than being designed to be uniquely yours. You also get little to no say in the design and workmanship, meaning you’ll be stuck with whatever color or material is being used. Prefer navy to black? You’re out of luck.
That’s why you should go to a tailor. We hear your internal complaints, mainly regarding the price, and while it might have been true a few decades ago, advancements in technology mean that affordable tailoring is no longer a pipe dream. These bespoke tailormade options come with a guaranteed perfect fit, since they are made using your measurements.


Tailors, much like different brands of clothing, vary in quality, and despite similarities in the process, the final product will differ. No two tailors are created equal, and since you’re already paying a slight bit extra for custom workmanship, why not go for the best?
We are Exculsive Tailor, and we are the best tailor in Phuket. Here are just a few reason why you should choose us over your local tailor.


We have generations of experience in the business, and we have a whole team of professional tailors working hard to deliver the best to all our customers. Customer satisfaction has always been the family tradition, and that shows in the way we work. Even in the measurement taking, we go one step further, noting down designs that flatter your figure and compensate, making you look your best.


We always promise fast delivery, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. We work diligently on every piece of attire that we make, designing it to be as close to perfect as possible for each fitting session. Want an update? We want you to feel like you’re part of the suit making process, and we are fully transparent, giving you full updates upon request.


We don’t just do a single session. We always insist on two to three fitting sessions if possible, to ensure that your suit is perfect in every aspect. While we note down your comments about comfort and modifications, we are also taking down some extra notes for improvement.


Even if you’re a flight away, you don’t need to come to us. Let us come to you. Even if you’d prefer to take down measurements yourself, we can work with that. We even have a handy guide to the process that you can get just by dropping us a message. We even guide you through the process.


Like we said, affordable tailoring is no longer a pipe dream. Our bespoke options are comparable to those from your local department store, but with quality miles above what you can get there.


You should be. Drop us a message to find what we have to offer, and how you can get your hands on our services. We look forward to begin working with you!

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