Double up on that please - Why Men should buy things in multiples

Double up on that please - Why Men should buy things in multiples

Are you one of the busier type of gentlemen, often finding yourself being behind the schedule? Or maybe you feel that your clothes are a bit “tired” during the day, just as yourself maybe? Well, then you should consider investing in a second pair of your daily wear. Having a second of your daily must-have items is often a good investment.


A resourceful, self-reliant gentleman is well-prepared – not one that is prone for mishaps; one step away from a style emergency.

If you already now find yourself thinking that you can’t afford a second of everything; take a deep breath and relax. Two of the same items often end up costing the same as one.  When you use them half as much, they last twice as long. Take that into your consideration as well.  So many gents out there end up limiting themselves unnecessarily because they don’t realise this.

Why Essential Gentlemen should own multiples

Item 1: Denims that fit to your body type

Nailing the fit with off the rack clothing is tough with just anything really. That is particularly the case with denims. Different types of denim fit can dramatically affect the look of your appearance, and they aren’t something that most people think of getting tailored. If you find a pair of denims that fit like a glove and make you feel snug like a baby, you will probably wear them all the time. Isn’t that right? This fact however runs the risk for your favourite pair of denims to work overtime, and they’ll probably end up “quitting” after just a few months. They end up wearing out. Just like with shoes, buy two or three pairs if the fit is right on point. Even more so, rotate through them in order to extend their lifespan.

Item 2: Workhorse Shoes

It doesn’t really matter whether we’re talking about wholecuts or chucks. If you have chosen a pair of shoes that you wear every day, you really need to buy two pais. If you wear the same shoes every day, they won’t have time to air out properly, which means, they’ll end up smelling really fast. They also wear out very quickly, so you’ll need to get them re-soled or replaced rather soon, and what will you wear while they’re at the cobbler or while your shopping for a new pair? Going bare feet?
Buy two pairs instead and rotate them in order to to keep them fresh and to extend the wearable lifespan of the shoes. Your shoes will thank you – and you will thank yourself for taking such a smart decision.

Item 3: Suit Trousers

When you are out to buy a new suit, spend the extra money on a spare pair of trousers. This means for you that you can rotate trousers to extend the lifespan of the suit (the trouser does the heavy lifting, the jacket just hangs out and looks good.)

Spending a bit more money on a spare pair of trousers beats spending much more on a completely new suit, when you actually could have gotten some more years out of it, if only you’d have taken good care of it.

Item 4: Dress Shirts

The importance of the basic light blue and white dress shirt can’t be mentioned often enough. Instead of relying on just one, why not invest in multiples, when you find a fit that works well for you? If for example you get a dress shirt tailored from us at Exclusive Tailor, and it fits you great, invest in a second, so you have something to wear that fits every day, making you ready for all kinds of occasions, day and night. If you get enough of these shirts on rotation, you can stop stressing about a clean or well-pressed shirt for work. Just take them to be dry cleaned in batches and let the dry cleaner worry about that for you.

Item 5: Your favourite sports jackets

 Most of us gentlemen are most likely wearing sports jackets much more often than we do wear suits. We just mention the issue once again: more wear = shorter life.

Buying jackets is more tough than buying dress shirts; in many ways. For one they are more expensive, for the second they’re harder to tailor. Unlike dress shirts, they’re on display all the time, which makes fit even more important. Your first impression is important, so protect it. If you find a perfect sports jacket, keep your eyes open for a deal and buy a second while you’re at it.
Rotate just like with your suit trousers, and you won’t have to scramble for a replacement when the jacket starts to get worn out.

Item 6: Classic pocket squares

You probably don’t want to buy multiples of that mauve paisley patterned pocket square – but what about the classic white linen pocket square?

We all own it and love it and it’s hard to beat the simple elegance of the white pocket square really. Unfortunately though, like with any other white fabric, they stain easily, and it can be hard to recover stained white linen. If you tried to get stains out of a white linen cloth, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Instead, keep a few in rotation. That way, you can cut your losses when one gets stained, and you won’t ever find yourself without one.

Item 7: Classic neckties

Just like with the pocket squares, you’ll want to stick to buying multiples in classic colours. It’s a good idea to have a couple each on hand of solids, polka dots or maybe foulards. They are easy to work into multiple outfits, and they will probably get more wear than your paisleys and club ties you own. You own those, right?

Item 8: Undergarments

The last point on this list will remind you of what your mother has tried for so many years. Yes, we’re talking about underwear, socks and undershirts. We really hope that you already posses more than two of these, but what about several weeks? Do you own as many, so you can rotate for 2 weeks? If not, try doing so, and you’ll find yourself hassle-free when finding underwear in the mornings. Stop making work stressful. We are bound to miss laundry day once in awhile, so have enough to get you through without worrying that you smell bad. If you’re spraying deodorant on your boxer briefs in the mornings, you might be dressed impeccably, and you might get lucky and make it through the day without anyone noticing, but you will still know yourself – and that will affect your confidence.

This is one place where a subscription services you can find heaps of online can really come in handy!

For most of these points, we can help you get perfectly fitting multiples, so when ordering, make sure to ask us if we can supply you with a double, and we’ll give you a discount on that.

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