Why do Women wear suits

Why do Women wear suits

Why do Women wear suits

Suits are more commonly associated with men, and that is understandable. For men, formal wear doesn’t really offer up as many options, especially if full on professionalism is expected. For women, many would indeed prefer the look of a full dress set over a suit. In fact, a common complaint about suits is that they feel a lot more restrictive and constricting.

However, we’d still argue that suits are an indispensable part of every woman’s wardrobe. Here, we’ll be giving a short history of woman suits and why a suit can be every bit as effective as the other more commonplace formal attire for women.

A short stroll down memory lane

Historically, suits have always been male dominated. In the 1660s, the first suits were introduced for riders, consisting of a tailored coat and skirt. These were slightly more bulky that the suits we know of today, and would be the only option until the 19th century. In fact, they weren’t even called ‘suits’ until the end of the First World War.

It would be during the post-World War II era that the skirted suit caught on. This time saw this variant of suit become the main daytime wear for women, featuring softer fabrics and feminine details. The tuxedo wear of the time would also become a good option for women.

A huge proponent of the rise in female suits was Chanel, the same name now linked to a perfume brand. The rise in suits as of this time also signified the beginnings of women joining in the otherwise men-dominated workforce. The innovations here involved making suits comfortable, including the change from trousers to skirts.

Why wear suits

Wearing a suit, regardless of gender, entails a certain degree of class and sophistication. A well-made suit with a perfect fit can make all the difference. Wearing a suit immediately means you’ll be treated with more respect, especially during your travels. Who doesn’t love reduced hassle.

Also, you’ll feel much more comfortable and confident when in a suit. This can work wonders when combined with the first point during boardroom meetings or presentations, as you’ll impress by simply looking professional. Even social calls can feel easer with the right suit. Never discount the confidence boost either.

Respect is a term people throw around as needing to be earned, and they’re right! However, dressing up well means that you take things seriously, and nothing demands attention like a strikingly good suit. Even throughout history, suits have been a statement of power, regardless of gender.

Finally, suits aren’t even that expensive. Affordable tailoring with good workmanship is no longer reserved for the rich. If you come to us, the best tailor in Phuket, you can get a good suit with a perfect fit for little more than an off the shelf option, with all the perks that come with a custom-made suit! Don’t forget that suits just look good too, so if you like it, there really is no reason not to try it out.

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