Most companies in this day and age allow for more lax dress codes, meaning their employees can often get away with wearing more simple attire. It’s not even that surprising to see people opting for blazers and sports jackets these days. Some might see this as a sign of the waning interest and necessity off suits, however we beg to differ.
In this article, we will be going through the reasons why men have worn suits throughout history, all the way to the current years. By the end, you’ll understand why suits have an irreplaceable place in your wardrobe.


Suits were first derived from the court attire from the early 17th century. These early variants of suits were characterized by their vibrant hues and their pairing with wigs and knee breeches. These were made using wool, and were strictly used by the aristocrats. This would end up lasting all the way until the French revolution.


In 1666, King Charles II decreed that all members of English Court would wear the compulsory attire of a long coat, a variant of the necktie (the ‘cravat’), and a waistcoat, along with the aforementioned breeches; a strikingly similar look to the modern lounge suit.
The lounge suit, based off in large part from the British court attire 200 years back, was introduced in the early 19th century. The modern preference of dark subdued colors comes from here, dropping the saturated hues of years gone by. This was also where the modern necktie was born. While still limited to the upper class, one could find these worn by hunters and politicians alike, a huge testament to the versatility and comfort of these suits.


The birthplace of the gentleman, the Victorian period introduced a frock coat, which was adopted by the gentlemen of the time as their main attire. This then got swapped to the morning coat, a less formal but nevertheless still stylish option. Though not technically suits, as they were worn with trousers of different fabrics, these would still be excellent stylistic choices in the years to come.
The tuxedo was also introduced as the ‘dress lounge’ suit, designed to be the best attire for formal gatherings and events. Unsurprisingly, this style has lasted until today, being one of the most formal options as wedding dress code.


Even during the first World War, short lounge coats were in fashion. After the second World War ended, the democratization of wealth meant that suits became much more commonplace. This is where the modern suit was born, characterized by straight cuts and narrow lapels, the requirement for careful use of cloth during WW2 meant wonders to the style. Come the 1970s, the slim fit suits became popularized, and three-piece suits were introduced.
And finally, come the 1980s, double breasted and two-piece single-breasted suits became the norm. This would end up lasting all the way to the modern 21st century, standing the test of time.


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