What your suit says about you

What your suit says about you

For men, the suit fashion not only fulfils the purpose of covering the body. It also has the power to give security and satisfaction, while revealing their inner psyche to the outside world. It also highlights the figure, brings attraction and elegance. At Exclusive Tailor, we design and produce custom-made suits for gents from all over the world, and believe that their chosen suits speak a lot about them. Not convinced yet? Here are some points to sway you.

The psychology of colour in men’s suit

The design, colour, quality, and cut of your suits have the power to communicate more about your personality than you could possibly imagine. Just look at a person’s clothes for 10 seconds for instance, and you’d be able to draw many different conclusions about it.

First, the suit colour has the power to evoke everything – from masculinity to emotions and attitudes.

For instance, brown suits are known to relax you and give you that feeling of safety. On the other hand, colors such as green, purple, yellow and orange signify creativity when worn in formal settings. Several studies have also found that lighter tones may imply kindness, and that dark colours suggest authority.
A study in the journal “Biology Letters” for instance found that 90% of consumers’ first impressions are based specifically on colour. Red, for example, is known for evoking strong emotions, passion, and intensity.

The results of that investigation also determined that men dressed in red in some work settings often inspire aggression and competition. Even in more neutral settings, men who wore red in their garments were perceived as more aggressive and angry compared to those men who wore blue or grey.

The quality and cut of the clothes

The quality and cut of clothing also influence the way in which another person is perceived. According to some studies carried out by “Business Insider”, a website about business and trends, these two aspects are not only related to the status, but also to the level of intelligence. Apart from opting for branded men’s suit to prove that they belong to a solvent or high economic condition, people who wear tailored clothes are considered more successful.

Social networks such as YouTube and blogs are spaces on the Internet where several people influence others to improve their image, look fashionable or aspire to have a different lifestyle. A study by Social Psychological & Personality Science found that people who dress in formal clothing such as suits think more abstractly and experience more feelings of power. And, generally, abstract thinkers tend to be better able to solve problems, analyse and evaluate complex themes and theories, as well as understand the relationships between verbal and nonverbal ideas. These people are perceived as people who accept challenges, with great emotional control and at the same time, are very creative and decisive.

However, the use of a men’s suit can also convey delusions of grandeur or opulence, especially when worn in an area outside of work, for example in an informal meeting between friends.

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