What you should look for in a winter-coat

What you should look for in a winter-coat

What you should look for in a winter-coat

A winter coat is essential to get through harsh winters, and choosing the right one might feel like a daunting task given the circumstances. Depending on where you’re from, you might either be spoilt for choice, or be extremely limited in terms of selection. Regardless, whether you’re headed for a vacation or just need a new coat to replace one that’s worn, there are always a few things that help you make the right choice.

What do you need it for

The is always the main thing you should ask for in regards to any purchase, but the same thing applies to winter coats. While all winter coats share the same basic principle, they all have insulation and a larger fit to keep you warm despite the frosty cold; there are still different variations of the same formula.

Technical Winter Jackets

These jackets are made for the outdoor activities like skiing, ice climbing, or even hiking. The features that set this apart include helmet compatible hoods and ventilation zips for those sweaty activities. Also, these jackets are very lightweight and compressible, making it an excellent choice for travelling as well.

Casual Jackets

These are often parkas designed to keep you warm throughout the day no matter where you are. Characterized by their style and bulk, these will keep you warm no matter how harsh the weather gets. Some features like a larger hood and hand warmer pockets ensure that you get the most out of everything.

Do-it-all Jackets

These are the multi-purpose outfits that we all know and love. These work great on the ski slopes, yet still look good to stroll around town with. There are even unique variants of winter coats that give you multiple layers to work with, allowing you to adapt to the surrounding temperature. Regardless, these will serve you well no matter what you buy the jacket for.


The entire point of a winter coat is to keep you warm, and this is achieved using the insulation layer. There are two main types of material used to keep you warm; down and synthetic insulation.
Down uses natural feathers, meaning it’s lightweight and compressible. It works best in a dry climate, as humidity causes the feathers to form clumps, losing their heat warming qualities.
Synthetic insulations are slightly more bulky, but it comes at a much lower price with the added bonus of being damp resistant. If you’re worried about unpredictable weather patterns, synthetic is always a safe bet.

The rest

Consider finding a winter coat with waterproof coating, as it’s your only line of defense against the ever-present humidity and unexpected rain. A hood, while not essential, will help keep you warm; and an adjustable hood ensures that the gale winds won’t be a problem. Pockets are a perk that is always welcome, as you’ll find yourself missing the convenience without them
Finally, last but definitely not least, you want a great fit. Why invest in an expensive coat when it doesn’t look good? Be sure to invest in something that fits you just right! When trying things on, move around to ensure that you aren’t getting restricted by the winter coat.

Ladies and gents

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