Wedding suits for grooms: Five considerations to make

Wedding suits for grooms: Five considerations to make

The big day is fast approaching? Palms are getting sweaty? You’re probably getting all psyched up, yeah? That’s quite normal. Especially your bride to be is probably on your toes, making sure that you’re ready for the big day. Is that right? Good, because she’s ready, and let’s be honest from one gent to another – she’s probably planned this through for years in her mind already – so you better make sure to step up your game too. Of course you’re helping her with all the preparations there are, as the gentleman and good husband to be you are. Wise man. But what about your suit?

It’s your wedding too, you know

While the bride may be the star of the show on the wedding day, the groom is also expected to look his best. You don’t want to come slouching after your beautiful bride as a modern day Quasimodo, do you? A tailored suit is often the only answer to the formal demands of a wedding day, but as with the bride and her wedding dress, the groom must make many decisions about the style of his garments before the big day approaches. At Exclusive Tailor we’ll gladly help you through all of your design options in order to craft a perfect, reliable and trendy bespoke suit for your big day.
While we’re more than happy to explain the entire process to you during our appointments, it helps if you’ve already considered several factors prior to your first consultation. Especially if you’re not able to make it to Phuket for personal consultations, or while we’re in town on our personal tailor tours.

First consideration: The level of formality

Many gents think that 3-piece suits are the best choice for a wedding, but for a more formal event like your wedding, you may wish to consider a dinner suit or tuxedo instead. If you’re getting married abroad, in a warmer climate, you’ll instead want a suit made out of a lighter fabric, such as linen.
Depending on the chosen location for your wedding, we’ll be able to guide you through on the choices of material, pattern, weight and more, so the earlier you tell us about the location, the earlier we can give you style advice, so you won’t end up either freezing or sweating (neither is very charming if you’re in front of your bride, left alone the guests) on this important day.

Second consideration: Should it be made just for you?

It is not unusual that the best man wears a similar suit as you on your big day. Maybe also the father of the bride, or other guests needs a suit-upgrade. It is a good idea to ask around beforehand, so you can make sure to get matching styles, linings, materials and patterns. That will help you avoid awkward mismatches of colours and styles on wedding photos, or guests that are completely out of style and proportions in his chosen suit.
Gifting a bespoke suit to your best man for example, is perhaps the biggest thank you that you can give to him for having your back on your big day.

Third consideration: Your preferred style

A tailored suit is not just any suit. There are plenty of variations in style available to you. Your choices won’t only depend on the location and time of year of your wedding, but also your own preferences. If you have a preferred cut, let your tailor know (that’s us, right?). If you’re unsure which cut will work best for you, discuss options with your tailor. If you have a preferred pattern, let us know. If you have a favourite colour in mind, let us know.
The more you tell us about your preferences, the closer we get to create the perfect wedding suit for you. We then give our input, taking your body shape, activity level on the wedding day and other factors into account.

Fourth consideration: Do you see it as an investment?

Your bride isn’t likely to get to wear her wedding dress again, but grooms on the other hand have the opportunity to wear their wedding suit again, many more times, to all sorts of events and occasions. If you’re thinking of your suit as a longterm investment, consider choosing a colour, shade and style that can be worn in the office or for other formal events. This approach may seem somewhat unromantic, but a bespoke suit is such a high quality, well-fitted garment that it’s a shame to only wear it once.

Fifth consideration: The Accessories

Cufflinks, pocket squares, bowties, neckties, cravats, tie bars and buttonholes are commonly worn at weddings. If you’re struggling with what to choose, let us know during a consultation, or while talking to us on the phone.
We can definitely be of help with style advice to help you look your best on your very special day.

It’s never too early to get started with your preparations for the wedding day. Why not begin today by setting up an appointment for a consultation, or call us to clear up some of the doubts and questions you may have before starting the measurement process.

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