Wedding dress 101

Wedding dress 101

Wedding dress 101: What you should look for in a custom-tailored wedding dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress is hard. You go from salon to salon and you’re spoilt for choice. The array of designs and colors, the cuttings and textures; every detail makes a difference, and there are tons! Then consider the accessories, some wedding dresses come with corsets, some with belts, and the list goes on and on. Some spend years searching yet never find the right dress. That’s where a tailor comes in. A tailor can help make a custom-tailored wedding dress that is made to be perfectly yours’ and yours’ alone. Why shop around for pre-made dresses when you can have a dress custom-tailored to your exact size and fashion needs? While taking your vows and kissing the groom, you most certainly want to look stunning, and a custom-tailored wedding dress is definitely an option worth considering. Here are a few tips you should know.


Despite “custom” being commonly associated with expensive, you’d be surprised. It all comes down to what you need. Bring this up as early as possible during the discussions with your choice tailor so they can temper your expectations, while also letting you know where you can save on cost without losing sight of your dream dress. Remember, you never want to find the perfect designer who just clicks, only to find you’re going way over budget.


The best part of getting a custom made wedding dress is that you’ll never need to fuss about the size. You’ll have your measurements taken, and a dedicated sewer or seamstress will make the wedding dress to fit you exactly. Pre made dresses made by designers, but they are sown in batches of dozens, or maybe hundreds of the same exact dress, with sizes made to fit a majority, but never an individual. A custom-tailored wedding dress means you never have to settle for a size less than perfect.


Even if you’ve decided to get custom-dress early on, it pays off to shop around to get a feel for your likes and dislikes. Wedding dresses come in many varieties, and if you’re fortunate enough to have found pre-made that feels close to perfect, even better. A tailor can help make alterations to push it to perfection. If not, you likely have an idea of what you want from your wedding dress. Take pictures whenever possible, and save those you like. Be sure to print out some references to clearly illustrate what you need, so a tailor can get the best idea of your dream dress.


You’ve agreed on a design, and the tailor gets to work; then comes the hard part, the long wait. It is not easy to keep faith in your initial designs. You’ll likely find yourself second guessing your judgement. While it is perfectly reasonable to ask for minor alterations during the tailoring process, generally for no cost, making some drastic changes or complete overhauls will almost certainly result in heartache. Leave your wedding style to the professionals, they’re in good hands. That’s where we come in. We are Exclusive Tailor, a Phuket based tailoring service specialising in suits, blouses and, you guessed it, wedding dresses. We offer a wide range of services, and can definitely help you make your dream dress a reality. If you’re in Phuket, stop by so we can take your measurements, or just give us a call and we’ll head on over to get your measurements at your convenience. For a look at what we can do, check our website, and you’ll find that we have a knack for making quality apparel.