Our blogs often focus on the rules of fashion – and with good reason. But we all have a rebellious streak in us somewhere and there are times that we just want to stick two fingers up to the rules and say, ‘Screw you!’ So, here we’re going to look at some of the fashion no-no’s and see how you can subvert the rules and make them into a fashion yes-yes.


It can’t work, can it? These two looks are so diametrically opposed that it seems there is no way they can work in harmony with one another. The key to getting this look right is to layer. Layering adds depth and texture to the look and allows you to sync the two styles. A plain track jacket or t-shirt underneath your blazer will bring the two together – plain being the operative word. Start messing about with patterns or logos and you’ll ruin the look before you’ve even started.

If you choose a t-shirt, go for a classic crew neck in a block color that complements your suit. And make sure it fits well. A tailored suit is ruined by loose or baggy accompaniments.

Get suited and booted

Retro and just a little bit rock n roll, boots with a slim-fitting suit gives a cool, classic style. Chelsea boots and a skinny tie or roll neck sweater adds class and swagger. Or go all out historic with Victorian-style lace-up boots and a classic tailored suit.

Black on black

A plain black t-shirt with a black suit is not a look you’re probably accustomed to seeing outside of a gangster movie. But let’s face it, for all that they’re a bit scary, mobsters are pretty stylish, right? So black on black needn’t be avoided altogether, but if you’re going to go for this look the key to getting it right is to ensure that whatever you wear underneath your black jacket – a t-shirt, sweater or shirt, and tie – it absolutely must be the same shade of black as the suit you wear it with. Not similar, not nearly the same; it must be the exact same shade. Nail that and you nail the look.

Mix things up

Combining jackets and pants from different suits gives you almost endless options to mix ‘n’ match. This can work provided that you apply normal color match rules, so no black and navy combos, please. It’s best to make the pants the lighter of the two and if you want to wear a check or plaid, make sure the jacket is the patterned garment.

Alternatively, you can ditch the blazer and replace it with a different outer jacket. A leather jacket or field jacket can help turn a suit into a statement and provides almost limitless options for accessorizing.

Add a kick

Done wrong, casual footwear and a suit will make you look nothing short of ridiculous. So we’re not suggesting pairing fluorescent gym shoes with a tailored suit. But in these days of laissez-faire fashion, there are options for matching sneakers with a suit. You’ll want neutral colors, preferably leather (but you might get away with canvas) and a pair of sneakers that a kid wouldn’t be seen dead in. And make sure they’re clean. You don’t want to look like a 5th grader on his way home from school football training.

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