The wonderful versatility of a blazer

The wonderful versatility of a blazer

Today we’re here to tell you a bit about the best friend of the dress-shirt – the blazer. Nothing pairs better with a blazer than a dress-shirt. Not your T-Shirt with a fancy slogan or motto either, no. This article shows the blazer some love, so if you will – enjoy it with us. Let us praise this beautiful type of garment together.

A blazer – a huge style upgrade

 If you don’t own a custom-tailored blazer yet, then you are really missing out. A blazer is an essential way of saying that you’ve got style, for any man, of any age and of any body type. What is even better, a blazer is the perfect fit for just any occasion and season. You have an Event coming up? Here comes the blazer. You have a special occasion, a date, or an office party to attend to, don your best friend – the blazer. Blazers are an extremely versatile garment that will give you a stylish, confident look for either the workplace or a social gathering – in a heartbeat.
A blazer with a bit of texture is the best option to go for if you ask us. It can easily be worn for casual weekends, or smart weekdays. If your wallet allows it, and it will with our affordable price structure, a tailored blazer is the best way to go. A tailored blazer will fit to perfection and will make you feel smart and debonair.

Blazer materials to opt for

 When choosing a suitable material for your blazer, opt for wool. This material is of natural fibre with non-allergenic and heat-retaining qualities. Actually, all you need to worry about is picking your wool blazer in the color you like the most and you are good to go.
Opting for more neutral colours will ensure you that you can wear your blazer with most of your other clothing (please not the Star Wars T-Shirt)
A tweed blazer is another great option for the winter season. With its woven structure, tweed is well known for its durability. Tweed blazers are also always present in menswear collections around the globe, and will never go out of fashion so it’s money well spent.

When to wear thy blazer

 If you are up for an event that is somewhere between formal and casual, then a blazer comes into the picture as a solid choice to opt for. The blazer, paired with a formal pair of trousers, and a T-shirt will create the look that fits somewhere in between. It makes sure that you are not too over- or under dressed. Voila. This is an ideal outfit for a formal occasion in a casual setting.
Opting for a textured blazer can help you go from casual to smart casual in a heartbeat. Paired with a simple dress shirt and jeans, this blazer will ensure you are smart enough for that last-minute meeting or networking event. No matter when you heard about it – you’ll be ready for it – in style.
For more special occasions, a blazer, paired with formal trousers and a dress shirt will create that modern, confident look you’ll want to go for. It is more interesting than the usual suit—but just as formal. You will create that enviable style and stand out from the usual ‘same look as always’ look.
You don’t have to own numerous blazers to achieve the looks mentioned above; one tailored blazer will go a long way to creating that stylish look for every occasion.
That being said, the only question you need to answer yourself now is this:

“Do I own a blazer, and if so, is it versatile enough for what I need it for?”

If the answer is no, allow us at Exclusive Tailor to help crafting you one from the ground up, to your own design and style preferences, with your exact choice of materials and to your unique body measurements.
We’re ready to help you to ensure that you’ll look good in your blazer, no matter what and no matter the occasion, no matter your body type, taste and style preferences.