With a world of fabric options available, one can often get confused about choosing the right material for their custom made suit. Made-to-measure suits express your personal style and level of sophistication, thus choosing the right material is of utmost importance. Once you find the best fabric for you, choosing the color, style, and fit will come easy.

On our website, whole books of fabric swatches will be available for you to choose from. These swatches are sourced from all around the world and range from the most expensive and luxurious materials to the cheaper, more simple ones.

Before choosing your fabric you should ask yourself what the purpose of this suit is going to be? Is it for a special occasion? How many times do you see yourself wearing the suit? Have you considered textures or patterns? How will the weight of the fabric affect your choice and lastly how much are you willing to shell out to stitch your perfect suit? After careful consideration of the suits’ needs, you will be better equipped to choose the right fabric.

Most of the materials you will come across while ordering a suit are made from wool but there are other options out there like cotton or linen for a more casual occasion and luxury fabrics like cashmere, silk or mohair for something fancy and classy.


Wool is the most popular and common choice in suits. The material is versatile and has a refined aesthetic. It is a natural fabric that breathes easy and can be worn during any season. It is soft and wrinkle-free and can keep you looking smart throughout the day. Any suit crafted from wool is definitely a classic. However, the fabric is not that lightweight and can tend to make you look bulky. There are two types of wool categories: worsted and woollen.
Worsted wool is a compact textile that is smooth and highly durable.
Worsted wool can be woven in several ways, producing flannel, tweed, gabardine, and fresco cloths. Woollen, on the other hand, is not combed before spinning hence is less smooth and not commonly found


Made from natural plant fibres, cotton and linen are materials that are chosen for a more casual look and are cheaper than wool. They are soft, comfortable and can be worn all year round but are not wrinkle-free. Cotton fabrics have different weights so you can choose the one that best suits your occasion. A woollen/cotton blend will help the material retain its silhouette and is best for work or formal occasion. Linen is more of a summer party, spring wedding outfit. It needs to be dry-cleaned often to retain a crisp look. It does, however, breathe easy and is the lightest fabric option for you.


A luxurious option, silk is for a fancy event. It is airy and feels smooth. You will feel comfortable in a silk suit because it will regulate your body temperature and keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is however on the pricey end and not something you can wear daily.


Lastly, we have velvet. An all-round winner. It will up your game and dazzle factor. It is a closely woven fabric of cotton, silk, and nylon. The texture is luxurious and will give you an elegant look. It is not as breathable as silk but is airy enough to wear at a formal dinner party.

When you need a properly tailored suit, working with us can save you time and money. We understand that every client has their own needs and we only settle when you are happy.
To see a full range of our materials, please see our selection here.

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