The Do's and Don'ts of Winter fashion

The Do's and Don'ts of Winter fashion

The Do’s and Don’ts of Winter fashion

Winter fashion is a beast on its own. Preparing for the cold without overdoing it can be challenging, but also fun. As usual, winter fashion is more on the casual side and this shows really well in this handy little guide describing what you should try and what you should rather leave behind as a crazy idea.

The basics

Don’t dress for arctic freeze. That is, unless you really live somewhere with harsh winters. Layering is the way to go. Sometimes an overcoat can be enough layering, but if you really want to get into it, wear a shirt under sweater or add an undershirt to keep yourself warm.

Winter also absolutely is the time to use interesting textures. It is an excellent opportunity to mix and match different textures and create an interesting outfit that is guaranteed to attract some views. A cashmere sweater over a pair of tweed pants are a great way to make yourself stand out in a good way.

Always keep in mind that weather can turn, so be prepared! One bad thing to happen is that you just happen to walk around during a snowstorm and start freezing.A good way to prepare for this is to have a decent coat ready.

Wear boots

During winter and especially if it is snowy, you need good boots, as they keep your feet warm and dry. Just make sure they are made of leather, as your normal shoes would get ruined by a snow and salt mix in as little as one Winter. 
Make sure you don’t leave them outside and don’t dry them near a fireplace, as that will crack the leather. You should also invest in wool socks. Neutral, black and off-white are the way to go here, as they easily compliment your outfit. Tell your grandmother you need socks and you’ll be supplied with a lifetime supply before the cold months come knocking on the door.
Do not overlay

Too many layers is not a good idea. You don’t want to go walking around looking like an oversized snowball with legs. It looks too busy and can result in being too warm dressed especially if you spend time indoors. Rather plan your layers in a way that keeps you warm with few parts.

Not every trend is going to stick around. Pick trends that have longevity. Not every trend survives till Spring. Pick the classics, like coats, woolen suit jackets and waistcoats. Those are all timeless and by themselves can result in great outfits.
Don’t forget colors

Going all black is not a good choice, it looks to bland and makes you blend away. If you want to stand out, use winter colors, like brown or moss green. They sure grab attention and make for a great fashion statement.

Remember, a good way to nail your outfit is to keep it simple, functional, adding a splash of color. If you follow these guidelines, you can be sure your next Winter outfit is going to be lit!