The Art Of Wearing a Suit

The Art Of Wearing a Suit

Yes, we’ve said it. It’s an art. Wearing a suit is art, as it can be worn in so many ways, so many different colours, according to the latest styles and fashion. It’s not as impressionistical as art, okay, nor do you need to look a long time to find the meaning behind a suit, as you may need with a painting, or a sculpture – but wearing a suit can be seen as art, as you definitely will look like a true masterpiece, or an individualistic painting, that people gather around, trying to understand the meaning behind the style.

Jokes aside, enough with the art references.
We at Exclusive Tailor are very determined to make you look the very best in your suit, at all times. At Exclusive Tailor we don’t just manufacture suits – we craft them! We don’t stop here though. We also make sure to deliver an aftersales-service next to none, so you’ll never feel stranded, or puzzled, when having to choose a style for the evening out, business meeting, or your job interview.

This article will dive into 7 rules that you should follow to look your very best in a suit. To the regular follower of our Facebook page, these rules may seem obvious. To the newcomers, this is for you.

Rule 1: Always leave the last button undone

This is one rule that all tailors, fashion bloggers, gentlemen and style-gurus agree on. Whether your suit has two or three buttons, you should always, we emphasise, always leave the last one unbuttoned.
Suits nowadays are designed to be worn with the last button unbuttoned. Fastening the final button can ruin your look, no matter how good your suit is tailored, or what material it is made of. If you fasten the final button makes your perfectly fitted suit King Edward VII (the “inventor” of this trend).
Quick recap: Apparently, King Edward grew so rotund that he was unable to fasten the bottom button of his waistcoat and jacket. To not offend the king, those associated with him started doing the same. The custom then gradually spread the world round (as England was still largely an imperial power with great influence across the globe).

Rule 2: Collar gaps

A very good and clear sign of an ill-fitting suit, is where you can see an obvious gap between the edge of the collar and the lapels of the suit. No, it’s not clear to everyone when there is a tiny collar gap, but now you’ve read this article, and other people before you, you (and they) will know, how it distracts from your overall look. Don’t make that mistake.

Rule 3: Thy belt shall match thy shoes

Always, yes, really – always match the colour of your shoes with the colour of your belt. It’s one of the very first rules of suit wearing. You may have heard it from your dad, who got it told from his dad – a rule that has been passed on over decades (or should have been). A colour mismatch is a definite faux pas at a formal occasion, but you might just get away with a brighter coloured belt for a more casual occasion. We advice you not to risk it though. Now, pass this rule on to your son, who then passes it on to his son…you get the picture. It’s important.

Rule 4: Tie clips – the right way (and placement)

Tie clips aren’t brain surgery and are not difficult to place correctly, but that doesn’t stop many Gents from getting it wrong anyway. Always place the tie clop on the tie between the third and fourth button on your shirt – and ensure your tie clip is no wider than your tie.

Rule 5: Unbutton when sitting

For the regular suit-wearers among you this rule has probably become more of a reflex already, but if you’re new to the world of suit-wearing (the bespoke ones, not the off-the-rack suit mess in your local stores), this is an important rule to follow. Keeping the suit buttoned up when you’re sat down creates stresses on the fabric in places and directions that it’s not built to withstand. In short, it while make your suit look like it’s stressed and trying to hold the whole thing from ripping apart. Don’t stress it. Unbutton the suit when you sit down. The other gentlemen at the party, your potential future employer or your business partners are doing this – so should you. It also gives you freedom to move, so this is a rule that probably comes quite convenient to you.

Rule 6: Don’t go over the top with your accessories

A patterned pocket square? A flashy tie clip? Go ahead wearing those (tie is optional), but don’t go overboard on accessorising. No need for those cufflinks too. Too much bling, ruins the swing. Let your suit speak for itself – don’t drown it in accessories.

Rule 7:  The right fit – the magic formular

 The more frequent readers of our blog and Facebook page can spot an ill-fitting suit from afar. It only takes a look at the shoulder and lapels to reveal a custom-tailored suit from one that is well, off-the-rack, or as otherwise known as – a mess. If you want your suit to make the right impression, it’s worth investing in a tailored or made-to-measure suit. Not only will it look far better than an off-the-rack garment, it’ll last longer too.

If you haven’t got a suit already, or need a new trusted suit to fit to the occasions you’ll be attenting to, or the new lifestyle you’re experiencing – it’s about time to invest in a custom-tailored suit. No off-the-rack solution can give you that feeling of a suit that fits like a glove. The off-the-rack solutions are simply not able to deliver suits that fit perfectly. If it fits around the shoulder, it usually flaps around at the button-holes. If the lapel looks neat and fits, then your shoulders may just look like they’re popping out any minute, giving you the look of “The Hulk”. Impressive at parties, but it’s not going to impress your future employer. You can take our word on that. Off-the-rack is cheaper, but as it often is with cheap solutions – you get what you pay for!

At Exclusive Tailor you’ll not only get a custom-tailored suit. You’d also tap into our rich experience in the field of tailoring. Our tailors use only the most durable materials, taking into account your posture, your body shape and even your gait. Our tailored suits are built to your precise specification, with hundreds of different linings and fabrics to choose from, in addition to many other design decisions that need to be made. We’ll create the suit of your dreams – but once we’ve created it for you, it’s up to you how you wear it.
Break these suit-wearing rules if you like, you little rebel, but remember that they’re in place for a reason. They are not made up by us, but come from years of experience from tailors and style-enthusiasts.

We hope you liked this article and found it useful. If you should have any questions, or would like us to cover a specific topic, please do get in touch with us.

Stay classy, gents.

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