The tailored solution for men of all sizes and shapes

The tailored solution for men of all sizes and shapes

Your reason for opening this link to our blog with this precisely this topic, is probably because you’re struggling to find a suit that fits you in a flattering way, or because you’re curious about how a suit should fit. We get you.
We understand. And you’re right. This article is all about that, on the path to finding the suit that best compliments you and your unique body shape (everyone has their own shape, and that’s great)

In the world of custom-tailored suits there really isn’t one body type that does not look good in a suit. Everyone can look great in a suit, literally – everyone!
It all depends on your choice in what you’re looking for.
We’ve listed a few common issues that many men find with the way their suit fits them, and how a custom-tailored suit can overcome these issues.

Let’s get right into it.

For gents with broad shoulders

With slim fit being the latest fashion trend for ready-made off-the-rack suits, it can easily make your life a bit difficult if you’re equipped with a pair of broad shoulders. The shoulders are after all one of the most important elements in a suit, as it determines much of the fit, and can get you from perfect fit to a broken look in a heartbeat. When other gents look at you, when you’re showing up at a party, one of the first thing the suit-savvy guys will notice. are your shoulders. The shoulders are among one of the key factors to distinguish a well-tailored suit to an off-the-rack solution.

The seam on your jacket shoulder should sit neatly on top of where your arm meets your body. If it’s wider, and you see the sleeves slacking, whereas, when it is tighter, you’ll notice that it will cause creases along the jacket front.
An extra style tip for gents with broader shoulders is to steer away from jackets with narrow lapels, as they can often ruin the proportions of the suit and make you look even broader yet, because of the relative small size of the lapel.

For taller or slimmer gents

You’re one of the taller gentlemen with a bit longer limbs? Then the chances are that you’ve come across some off-the-rack suits that makes you look drowned and result in making you loose the shape that your body may have.

Also, many of these off-the-rack suits often don’t fit appropriately in terms of length. Most often it leaves you no choice, but to buy a size too large in order to fit your arms and legs – or settle with the fact that it’ll fall too short.

Since we imagine that you don’t want to look like a sack, a custom-tailored suit can be crafted for you in order to allow the right amount of space around your arms and legs, while also providing just the slightest nip along the body, to give the suit a little more shape. That would also fix the length of the arms, so you don’t have to worry about that again.
A general rule to follow is that 1-2 cm of your shirt cuff should show from under the jacket sleeve, so you’ll want it to sit neatly around your wrist bone. Take note, gentlemen.

For the gentlemen with a bit of extra padding

Some of us gentlemen put a bit of padding on throughout the years of good dinners, barbecues and weddings (the author of this article is a victim to that himself). There’s nothing wrong in that.

If you’re among these with a little extra on your rips, you should not make the mistake to try to hide it by wearing over-sized clothing. A mistake way too many gents fall for these days. It most likely makes you look even larger than you actually are. Instead of experimenting too much, make the right choice and get the suit custom-tailored to your exact body measurements, or at least get the off-the-rack suit you’ve bought fitted at a local alteration shop. The choice of color for your suit also plays in here. Darker colors are known to make you look slimmer, so opting for a darker colored suit is a good rule to follow, when looking for a new suit.

When looking at patterns, there’s a lot of skepticism about the efficiency of strips as to achieving a slimming look.
Some people think that vertical strips can help you achieving a slimmer look, while other swear of horizontal stripes doing the exact same trick. Nonetheless what you believe in, consider it before you purchase the next suit.
Keep in mind that looking good stems from the fact that you’re feeling good, so if you put on an off-the-rack suit, or even a custom-tailored one, and it doesn’t feel great – don’t buy it. Stick with what you’re comfortable wearing. It’s your suit, your choice. You should feel good in it. Period.

When determining whether a suit fits you, test it by standing upright and close the buttons. You should see that the front of your jacket should flow down your body, allowing just enough room to place a palm within it. If the lapels are flaring away from you, chances are that the suit is too tight. If you can fit your whole fist in with ease, then chances are high that the suit is too large for you.

Final note

There are many issues as to finding the right suit according to your body type. This is just a small selection of the most common ones. With a custom-tailored suit however, you’d ensure that your suit fits perfectly to your body shape. With a custom suit made just for you, there is no chance for you to face many of the issues mentioned above.

Choose a suit and shirts that really fit you well, to flatter your figure the best way possible. It will not only make you look sharp, it will make you feel great too!

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