Tailored gifts for a fashionable dad

Tailored gifts for a fashionable dad

You don’t have to wait for Father’s Day to lurk around the corner to make your old man happy. Finding a suitable gift for him, that already has everything can be a tough task at times though. It’s often a fair bit easier getting a present for your mother, than it is your dad, but he deserves to be just as special, so we’ve given you a hand in how you can get gifts for a Fashionable Dad. You’re very much welcome.

If you’ve got a dad who takes (almost) just as much pride in his wardrobe, as he does in his kids, then you will probably want to make sure that your gift caters for his fashionable taste. However, with fashion tastes being so subjective as they are, it can be rather tricky to find a gift that he’ll actually like. That’s why we’re recommending you to let him create his own with our selection of customised clothing and accessories listed here.

You can mix and match all of the gift ideas below. They can be customised and even ordered online, making it a hassle-free process to get a hold on them.

Custom-tailored dress shirt

Custom-tailored dress shirts make for a great gift, as your dad probably will find countless of occasions wearing it. Who couldn’t use an extra special dress shirt, specially made for only him? He can create it to match his favourite suit, so he can stroll up to the next family event all in style, or perhaps opt for something suave, for those all important business meetings he’ll attend to. The choice will ultimately be his, of course. Wearing a custom-tailored dress shirt that is completely in line with his fashion taste will not only have him looking perfect, but also feeling his very best.

Custom-tailored dress shirts from Exclusive Tailor allow for a full range of customisable options, which leave you with a truly unique dress shirt. Start by selecting one of over 200 fabrics, tell us the preferred style and design options, tell us the desired fit, the collar and cuff style, tell us whether there’s a need for monograms sewn into the shirt, submit the measurements, and you’ll have crafted a custom-tailored dress shirt for your dad in no time, all while not even having to leave the house. Additionally, you could even get a few made for yourself, now you’re at it.

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A customised watch

Watches make for great pieces to complete an outfit. A customised watch allows your dad to stamp his mark on his time piece. You’ll find plenty of good options online to customise a watch. A customised watch comes quite a lot of choices. Granted, not as many as for suits and shirts, but in the end you’ll be sure to hold a watch in your hands that no one else wears or owns. The whole customisation process is pretty effortless and in a matter of just a few minutes, you can create a unique timepiece.

Customised travel bag

A dad with a taste for style also has to make sure ensuring that he looks the part when he is out traveling the world (that is, if his wife, your mum, is okay with that, of course). You can find all sorts of bags out there on the internet, offering just that with a range of bags, which vary from messenger styled bags all the way to back packs. Given the fact that it’s a bag, there aren’t a whole lot of options in terms of customisation, however, they do allow enough freedom to make sure that you can create something that befits for your dads travels while catering to your style.

Customised Ray Bans

The summer is not very far away, and there aren’t many better ways of your dad feeling young (and somewhat cool) again than throwing on a pair of customised Ray Bans. The popular eyewear brand serve you up the option of customising the lens and frame of the glasses along with providing a small space to have a few letters engraved. Classy? Hell yes.

An end note

Tailored gifts always make for a great choice for gifts, as they add a personal touch to your look, which undoubtedly makes it that bit more meaningful – along with helping to cater for those rather selective dads. It’s also nice to take time out and go through the process of customising the gift together, spending quality time with your dad and putting a smile on his face in the process. Don’t you agree?