Summer style mistakes

Summer style mistakes

It is Summer – yes it is. Well, in some part of the world it is. For many the Summer so far has been a mix in weathers, but it’s Summer nonetheless, so you better dress the part – that is, if the weather allows it.

It’s too early for your winter wardrobe, so out comes the Summer wardrobe, if its not out already/still. It’s still time to impress those colleagues of yours, and the ladies of course, with your Summer fashion that you’ve in store.

No Summer without a few Summer style mistakes though, but we’ve summed up

the most common ones that you’ll want to avoid, in order to make sure to look your best, all summer long.

Short shorts

When being tempted to wear shorts, make sure that they don’t end up looking like hot pants. While you may find it sexy and attractive (if your confidence allows it), it’s not sure that everyone else thinks the same. Better stick to a pair of shorts that fall just above the knees – for your own sake, and everyone else around you.

All black layering

The colder months are optimal for the more muted color-range for your wardrobe, but greys and black colors can and should be switched out with lighter, more friendly colors for the Summer.
Allow your outfit to reflect the Season. Opt for brighter, lighter colors. It will not only help you lift your outfit and presence, but it will also reflect the heat far better than darker colors are able to.

The standard black socks

During the winter you’ll usually require a cosy pair of socks, all snuck and comfy, and with most suiting being black, grey or navy colored, chances are that most of your sucks are quite similar in color. A quick look in your drawer will confirm that, right?
That’s fine for most of the year, but during Summer, the last thing you’ll want to wear is a pair of dark sock standing out in your outfit. A typical fashion faux pas. Instead, try invisible socks, or get yourself a few pairs in lighter colors.

Tight jeans? Really?

Since we’ve mentioned that lighter colors are what you should be aiming for, we didn’t mean jeans. A pair of tight, white jeans may not – no – will not do you any favours. It will not make you look sophisticated – it will make you look odd and like you’re trying too hard, and you don’t want that, do you?

Too. Much. Chest.

We get you. It’s hot. You want to cool down, but there’s just nothing that is classy about unbuttoning half of the shirt to let the belly and/or the chest-hair come out freely. You are not a male model, and we’re not in the 90’s anymore – sadly. Why not keep your cool by opting for a lighter fabric, or a short-sleeved shirt? See, that’s better compared to going full out gorilla.

The same also applies for many vests. If you find yourself on the beach then you’re forgiven, but it really shouldn’t be a look you try to pull off anywhere else unless you’re wearing a shirt over it.

The Footwear

If the sun stands high and is relentlessly shining down on you, it is to set aside those dress shoes and switch it out with something more appropriate. Opt for a pair of loafers instead. Maybe even boat shoes, that will allow your feet to breathe and enjoy the Summer too.

For those of you Gentlemen that are eager to pull on their flip-flops, please reconsider. Please? They’ll rarely make a pretty sight and throw up more questions than you may like and be ready to give answers to.
Leave those for the holidays, or when you’re wandering around in your garden, at home.


Your winter clothing habits have nothing to do with your Summer looks. Keep what we’ve mentioned in mind and you’ll be well on your way for a stylish Sumer.
Remember, there’s a very thin and fine line between a classy summer look, and looking your part of a 90’s boyband, so choose your clothes with class in mind, Gents.