Summer 2019 - What is to come?

Summer 2019 - What is to come?

Fashion trends change every season. That is why they are called trends after all. When a new trend arises, and you want to follow it while it is all hot, there is no time to wait. Who knows, you may find some amazing fashion trends that you need to try this year? We’re here to keep you on the map when it comes to fashion trends and Summer is a season that brings along some great fashion trends. Following the trend is a great way to look stylish this Summer season, so let’s dive into just a few of them here, shall we? The point is, of course, that if you look and feel great, you’ll feel confident walking into the world with a new wardrobe. With that in mind, here are the surging trends we think you should consider for Summer 2019. Who knows, these surging trends may become your signature clothing for the coming season or also tell you what to avoid during the next few months.

Short Suits

This is definitely one of our favorites for this Summer. For many years, short suits have been a staple on men’s Summer fashion trend and again this season, this amazing combination has been seen out on the streets. This may seem quite new to you, however, this is an ongoing trend and it looks quite chic as well. The type of shorts you should wear depends entirely on the coat or top that you will be wearing. Stay stylish this Summer and show off your fashion tastes by trying mixing and matching.

Linen Suits

Linen is an excellent Summer material for your wardrobe. When you wear a perfectly tailored linen suit, you will truly look fashionable. This Summer, you may see people wearing linen suits because it for one fits the season perfectly and for the other, its texture allows your skin to breathe. If you are a true suit-aficionado, then get yours custom-tailored to truly be able to put on a trendy and fashionable look this Summer.

Polka Dots

Polka dots is another pattern that showed up as a trend this year and truly, it is looking hot. An old yet still trendy pattern that looks both chic and beautiful. Polka dots brought the innocence of the 1950’s housewife to much chicer and sexier ensembles. Get this pattern tailored for a beautiful dress and get around in style.

Striped Collection

Stripes may be a bit ‘old-school’ but they are definitely not outdated. This old fashion trend is still very much alive. Keep that special gentleman-look, all while following the style-trends this season by getting your hands on a striped shirt or suit. Get it custom-tailored to achieve a perfect fit and to be able to walk around looking all fashionable, knowing that there’s no one else wearing it like you as every tailored suit is a piece of art in its own right.

Chic Suits

Wearing a suit doesn’t need to be that old fashioned 1970’s version. Nowadays, suits have become more stylish and appealing to those around you. This is the perfect opportunity to get your custom-tailored suit custom-tailored!

These are just some of the chic fashion trends that you need to get involved with if you want to follow the trend this year. When it comes to shopping for a perfectly-fitting suit, that can be a challenge – unless you get it custom-tailored from our experienced team at Exclusive Tailor.
Get in touch with us and be prepared to look trendy – and that at a fraction of the cost from your local Tailor or retail store.