You’ve waited around long enough for this. We’ve been covering every aspect of a good summer wardrobe for the past few weeks, and now it’s time to bring it all to fruition. Whether you’re still waiting on your purchases, or if you’ve already put in your orders, this week will be very helpful in determining what combinations you should (or shouldn’t) attempt.
Before we begin, we’d like to reiterate the few tips that you should always follow. First, cleanliness; if you’re going for any clean look, it’s time to take out the aftershave and keep your hair neat and tidy. Two, if you’re after contrast, remember to counteract the effect by keeping some parts of your outfit neutral. And three, fit is everything. Bagginess ruins even the best outfits, so be sure to keep that in mind.
With that said, let’s begin our journey into a few trends you should be looking at this summer.


In these days, people are all about bringing back the looks that were fashionable in the 90s. This means the colors of decades past, suit jackets, and faded jeans are the entire craze. Yet some of us want to keep a semblance of modernity in our outfits, and that’s where the idea of white comes in.
Many are pushing for the full white look, dressing in the purest of colors from head to toe. For models, the striking look is definitely eye catching; yet for the rest of us, it may feel like overkill. To keep that modern edge, while retaining that wow factor that comes from dazzling whites, mix things up with some darker shades. Shoes and blazers are the best place to start. A gray or navy blazer can work well with the usual brown loafers to give that sophisticated yet laid back vibe.


Since the last look was all about melding 80s sophistication with modern sensibilities, let’s go a bit wild on the next idea. We’ve never discouraged shorts, but we will need to state time and time again that shorts don’t work with everything. Chino shorts are all the craze right now, bringing back the college years that we all miss.
These give you opportunities to show off some personality, since neutral trousers opens up countless possibilities for the tops. Try some V-necks or polos to nail that preppy look, and choose whatever color takes your fancy. Top it all off with a pair of sneakers and you’re all good for a stroll down the beach.


And finally, we’d like to bring the spotlight onto a recent trend that many predicted would die off years ago. Pink doesn’t mean the color of your niece’s dolls. The warm rosy color with slight desaturation works nicely with the bright summer sun, and for the bolder, the more popping saturated hues can work well too.
Obviously, this isn’t the same as the all-white look. We’d recommend using other colors to keep things grounded. A white crew-cut tee is a good place to start with, followed by a pink dress shirt left unbuttoned. Find some decent air-breathable trousers and boat shoes of a darker tone and you’re good to go. The addition of pink to an otherwise typical outfit can work wonders at making you look cool.


You’re always after the best fit possible, as it makes or breaks an outfit. We’ve gone on about dress shirts, blazers and any type of trousers. These all demand a perfect figure, and that’s where we, Exclusive Tailor, can help. We are among the best tailors available, and we’re always available for tailoring services. Can’t find what you need? We even offer services for tailor-made clothes, meaning you’ll always get that elusive perfect fit. Check us out to find what we can do.

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