Looking forward to the summer this year? Well, it really does depend. Some might be looking forward to the less stringent work dress code, yet some may not be fans of the hot summer sun. Regardless, something is for certain. You need to look good during the summer, and that means dressing upright. This guide is here to help for those summer outings, ensuring you look your best with casual fashion tips that go a long way.
This time, we’ll be focusing on nailing down that casual look by choice of clothing. Having covered the choices of fabric and color last time, you should have a decent idea about what to look for. So strap yourselves in, and let’s begin.


These are undoubtedly the king of casual, which makes this an excellent choice for summer fashion. Natively stylish, T-shirts are never a bad choice. The reason T-shirts come with negative impressions is the fit. You should always try to find the right type and size for you. You can even get away with looser fits (within reason) if you’re conscious about your body shape.
Design-wise, go for something simple. Solid colors or subtle patterns and graphics are the way to go here. You are the star of the show, not the shirt. Whether you choose a crew neck or V-neck, and it really does come down to personal preference.
Think T-shirts are too simple? Why not try out polo-shirts? With their collar, polo-shirts give off a smarter vibe, adding that slight spice that may be what you’re looking for. Regardless, T-shirts are so affordable that you really can’t go wrong. It’s worth building up a nice selection early on, as they aren’t just good for the summer.


For those looking for a bit more style, dress shirts are an excellent choice. For those special occasions where that college student look doesn’t cut it, a shirt is the way to go. Neutrals are playing it safe, but you can get away with so much more when it comes to shirts. Stripes are excellent at delivering style while maintaining that casual feel.
Don’t limit yourself to short sleeves either. It’s acceptable to roll up your sleeves, so if you find something you like, just try it out.


Shorts are synonymous with the summer months, and it’s easy enough to see why. Shorts are the best way to stay cool under the burning sun. To pull this off, remember to keep things casual. For the best effect, forgo those with many pockets, clean cut lines are what you’re going for. This also means avoiding baggy shorts. This means the fit is key. Depending on your material choice, alterations may even be possible.
Color-wise, bright saturated colors are perfectly acceptable. Just be sure to offset it with a more neutral shirt to keep things nicely balanced. Chino shorts are great for mixing and matching, so always have a pair at the ready.


Pants, like jeans, are still valid choices. Due to the longer length, you’ll have your skin shaded from sunlight, meaning that you could actually be cooler than shorts. We recommend neutrals due to the ease of mixing and matching, but you can always play around with colored pants.


We’ve gone on and on about the importance of fit, and that’s where we come in. Exclusive Tailor, is ranking is up there among the best tailors you can find in Phuket, and we have decades of experience in tailor-made clothing. Whether you need something custom or just some alterations, we’re here to help.

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