Looking your best is always important, even when you’re just going out for a short walk. This is even more significant when it comes to the summer months, as the bright sunlight can bring out the best in people. Take a misstep though, and things can come crashing down. You’ve definitely seen people rocking that fish-out-of-water look, with mismatched and unsuited colors, and you’d do well to avoid the common pitfalls.
So, summer styles. Last time we took a look at the basic dos and don’ts, while also providing an overview on what to expect. This time, let’s walk through the ground rules you should always keep sacred when dressing for a casual summer stroll.


Whether you’re off to the beach or just down to the local department store, you’ll want to look clean. That means staying well-groomed and cleanly showered. This helps when dealing with the perspiration that happens throughout the day. If required, some deodorant can work wonders in keeping you scent-free. Keeping yourself well shaven and groomed means a neat outlook, even under the hot summer sun.
These are the first steps to a good look, and the keys to summer fashion.


In terms of fabric, summer demands a bit more thought, thanks to the higher temperature. Whether you’re headed to the mall or an outdoor wedding, the hot weather means you’ll need the right choice of material to ensure you won’t get heatstroke.
Cotton is the best choice possible. It combines durability and comfort in a compact package. Pure cotton regulates heat nicely by allowing the heat to dissipate easily. However, they do wrinkle easier when compared to other alternatives, meaning that ironing will be necessary. For the best in comfort, always look for pure cotton, rather than blends. To test, hold a small bit of fabric to your mouth and breathe. If you can feel the air passing through, it is perfect for dealing with the summer heat.
Linen is an affordable but no less comfortable alternative. It’s light and moisture absorbent, while also being a fabric that breathes. Unfortunately, linen does crease easier than cotton, yet it also adds to the charm of this specific fabric. You might find yourself limited in terms of patterns though.
Finally, wool is the most expensive choice, but it sidesteps the common problem of wrinkles thanks to its dense properties. Wool prevents odor as well as sticking after sweating. Not only that, it is easy to clean too!


In terms of colors, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice, since the bright lights of the summer are the best to play around with tones. The key is to avoid complex combinations. A simple rule is to limit the contrast to one bright and saturated clothing item. This means you’ll be pairing up saturated shirts with white shorts; or a pair of red chinos with a neutral dress shirt. Keeping things simple will ensure you fit in nicely.
For the best effect, avoid overly dark colors. Those work better during the cloudy winter months. Match the summer sun with more gleeful, brighter colors. These also help since they reflect light, rather than absorbing it, meaning you’ll be dealing with less heat.


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