It’s that time of year again, where the warm summer sun shines down on this green earth throughout the day. If there’s a time to leave the house, it’s now. Yet this climate means you’ll need to adapt your dressing style. It’s not cool outside, and with the wrong choice of clothing, you’ll be feeling stuffy and uncomfortable, not to mention unfashionable.
Let’s avoid that. In this multi-part guide, we will be covering the dos and don’ts of summer fashion for those casual outings. We’ll walk you through the basics, as well as offer up some custom styles that you could take into consideration.


With such a wide array of choices available, it helps to drop some items off the list. Consider the weather you’re dealing with. It’s hot, and you’ll be dealing with harsh sunlight half the time, so keeping cool, both literally and figuratively, is important. Certain choices of fabric are out of the question. Leather is always on the top of the ‘cool’ list, but being a non-breathing fabric means that you’ll be left drenched after just a few minutes under the sun. We’ll cover why cotton is the best choice soon, but if you’re opting for fabrics like blends or linen, you might want to think twice. Comfort comes first.
Shorts are perfectly fine, and so are jeans. However, the Capri pants are probably something you want to skip. These look somewhat baggy and give a negative look overall, making you seem shorter. Similarly, other pants that have a 3/4 length are not that useful. And finally, do not, under any circumstances, wear socks with uncovered shoes. Not many can pull it off, and even less pull it off convincingly.


With that bit of negativity out of the way, let’s start getting things right. Since we’re going for a more casual style, nearly everything goes. To start things off, we’d like to recommend the classic T-shirt. With so many hues and shades available, T-shirts are great for mixing and matching. For a more stylish look, try polos or short-sleeved dress shirts. Just remember that sweat is a factor, and it shows on shirts. When in doubt, keep things simple. White not only looks great, but it also helps keep the heat away thanks to the reflective properties.
For pants, you can’t go wrong with a good pair of jeans or shorts. That’s the beauty of summer fashion, you can’t really go wrong, just remember to find the perfect fit. We’re fans of darker shades on jeans or the usual chinos, but if you can’t deal with the heat, something as informal as sweat shorts can work as well. A rising trend is chino shorts, which deliver a smarter look while providing all the plusses of shorts.
The rest is all up to you. Sports shoes or trainers are amazing at delivering both comfort and summer style. If you feel naked without a jacket, opt for a summer blazer. And who can forget some shades? A pair of sunglasses can work beautifully, just don’t wear it indoors.


If you’re after the perfect fit, we’re here to help. We, at Exclusive Tailor, rank up among the best tailors and have multiple generations of experience in tailor-made clothing. We even offer alterations too, so your current wardrobe can be updated to fit you even better. Why wait? Drop us a message so we can show you what we can do.

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