We’ve previously covered the basics of getting a suit made, and you likely have a decent idea of what you need at this point. Today, we’re going to cover the details which you can add to your suit during dress-up, and how you can stand out from the crowd without looking out of place. With our help, you’ll be ready for your next big meeting.
Just bear in mind there are multiple factors that separate the well-dressed from the novices out there. Hopefully, with our help, you’ll be looking high class in no time.


Suiting up is an art, and while everyone can wear the white dress shirt and black trousers look well, as people like to say, the devils are in the details. While the white shirt works beautifully, you can always inject some personality into your daily suit.
If you’re looking to add some personality, try looking into shirts with designs to layer beneath your suit. A shirt with a nice design can definitely add to the flavor. Just bear in mind that extra bright colors should be discouraged, especially if your suit jacket is dark. Play with the contrast, but don’t go overboard.
If you want to accentuate some contrasts, you can toy around with the accessories, such as your tie and pocket squares. Ties are great for letting people know the type of man you are, so you want to put some thought into it. Bright colors are fair game, just be sure they work well with your face and complexion. Pocket squares, on the other hand, are slight enhancers that can help you make a suit set your own. Don’t forget bowties too.


Firstly, the fit is important. If you’ve got a tailor-made suit, you’re golden. However, even store-bought clothes can be altered to fit you nicely. So if you know your local tailor, it’s worth sending your suit over to get it fitting nicely. Things to look out for are the shoulders and back arch. These might not be possible on a ready-made suit, so it’s worth picking up something that fits well to begin with.
When suiting up, consider a few details. First, the sleeves of your dress shirt should sneak out just slightly more than your suit jacket, showing just slightly more than an inch of cuff. For the collars, don’t go too big, as this accentuates the proportion difference between your head and body. Speaking of proportions, consider your height when designing your suit. Three buttons is fair game for tall people, but for shorter men, a simple two-button jacket will give an elongated effect.
Finally, if you’re wearing a suit, please do not use a belt. You don’t want to look like you’re chopped in half, and nothing breaks the illusion like a belt buckle beneath the suit.
And before we forget, treat your suit nicely! Bring it to the dry cleaners every so often, and invest in a decent hanger to ensure that your suit maintains its nice shape throughout its lifetime. Suits last when taken care of.


Still confused about the details, or looking to have some alterations done? We’re here to help. We are Exclusive Tailor, a Phuket-based tailoring service that provides our customers with exquisite suits made to perfection. Our tailors have decades of experience, and we guarantee that you’ll look suave and sophisticated in anything we make for you. If you’re interested, give us a call and we’ll arrange to have your measurements are taken, no matter where you are!

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