Suiting for work

Suiting for work

Suiting for work – What to wear for a formal meeting at the office

Suits have been around since the early 1700s. The fact that suits are still commonly seen today is a testament to how fashionable and versatile this piece of apparel can be. One might even argue that a good formal suit is downright mandatory. Now, suiting up is an art in and of itself. Since a suit is all about showing how sophisticated you are, it pays off to find the perfect suit for the occasion.

Let’s talk about the right work attire for a meeting at the office. You’ve prepared your slides, you’ve rehearsed your script to nigh perfection; now it’s time to top it off with the right formal wear.

Start with the basics, a form-fitting dress shirt and a simple tie that complements your colour and pattern of choice. Remember that a fitting size is key; the suit doesn’t matter if your shirt ends up baggy beneath it all. The less creases, the better. For the tie, make sure the colours match your shirt and suit; it should complement your colour palate of choice. Remember, you want to look professional in the office, not stand out.

For pants, look for a nice pair that matches your waist size. The suit pants should be able to sit nicely even without a belt. three fingers, and put them right under your belly button, that point is what people call the ‘natural waist’, the perfect point for your suit pants to fall. Form fitting pants are important too, too loose and they look baggy, too tight and you end up feeling uncomfortable. Naturally, be sure to avoid creases at your shins, you want your pants to be at just the right length; a tailor can make the alterations to fit just right. Before we go further, remember to iron!

Now, for first impressions, the suit is arguably the most important part of your wardrobe. First things first, when picking a suit, be sure to find one that defines your shoulders nicely. Too large and the shoulders of the suit end up draped over your actual shoulders, resulting in a noticeable dent. Too small and you end up with restricted movement. An easy tip to use when testing suits is to try move up slowly against the wall, ideally, the suit should hit the wall first, followed by your shoulders. So long as there isn’t the bunching up of fabric, you’re good to go. For the stomach, make sure you have just enough room to slide your fingers in front of your stomach, that’s the sign of a good-fitting suit.

For sleeves, an ideal length is to show around a quarter of an inch of your dress shirt sleeves. For the dress shirt, your sleeves ideally end before the knuckles of your thumb. This could certainly be difficult, due to the natural anatomy where human arms are rarely symmetrical. To get this, you need a tailor to make the alterations.

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