Suiting for a Friday night out - What to wear for a casual night out

Suiting for a Friday night out - What to wear for a casual night out

Suits have always been a mainstay of the office worker. An essential part of everyone’s wardrobe, suits get you through the 9 to 5 rush workweek. Smooth, stylish, sophisticated; every word describing suits just oozes personality. Unsurprisingly, suits are also a good choice as casual attire. Date night, hanging out; there’s always occasions where you want to look your best. There’s a certain suaveness that you can bring out by suiting up. Breaking free of the mandatory workplace dress code, you just might find a combination that screams individuality, while still bringing that air of competence and expertise.


The Base

A well-built skyscraper starts with a solid foundation, and the right combination of clothes is no different. You’re might find yourself spoilt for choice. The classic dress shirt is always an option. A safe bet is a basic color, white and black being tried and true choices. If you’re up for the challenge, finding a striking color or pattern can definitely make your get-up unique.

The key to casual dress suiting? Lose the tie. With a tie on, you might look like you just got off the commute from a long work day. Unbuttoned collars on dress shirt might not be the best idea in the office, but when going casual, it’s the only choice. Want to take it a step further? Get a slim fit V-neck T-shirt. You’ll find the suit wraps around it nicely, making the perfect combination of suave and slick. Always get a shirt with a great fit, though shirts of a larger size do work in casual settings.

For pants, if you’re going dress shirt, pick a pair of suit pants that match your suit of choice. For T-shirts, you can’t go wrong with the right pair of jeans. In fact, most jeans work nicely with any combination, so don’t be afraid to try things out.

The Suit

Now, the suit is the main attraction. It definitely pays off to invest in a good suit. If you only have the one you bring to work, no worries, you can still pull of the casual look. As always, fit is king. A good suit shows off your figure while still being comfortable to move around in. The common black is always a safe bet, though more striking colors are definitely an option. Just be sure the rest of your wardrobe matches the color palate. The best way to find your perfect color is to experiment, be bold and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The secret to pulling off that business casual look? Leave the suit unbuttoned. Again, not the best choice in the office, but it’s something anyone can pull off neatly regardless of time and place. This is where fitting comes in, you don’t want to have your suit dangling about. With that, top it off with some accessories, have a quick check in the mirror, and you’re all looking good no matter of the occasion.



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