A Style Guide to Women’s Autumn/Winter Style

A Style Guide to Women’s Autumn/Winter Style

We are in the middle of the winter, as this article is written, so of course this is also the perfect time to address fashion trends that you can take advantage of for the next few months. We’ve looked at many of the fashion week events which have taken taken place over the past weeks to get some inspiration for some smart winter style tips. Here are just 4 of which, that you can take advantage of.



One of the trends that are finding their way back into popular demand this winter is cosy knitwear. While the fashion week events seems to have placed a greater emphasis on oversized cardigans, knitwear is a look that can easily be adapted in the smarter getup look. When thinking knitwear think of teaming a cardigan with a pair of suit trousers, an overcoat, and a scarf – creating a comfortable look that won’t look out of place amongst other smart outfits.



Many women’s suits start to hit the catwalks these days. While the catwalk can be home to some of the more outlandish looks, the suits on offer were actually refreshingly sharp in their overall cut and fit. What were various iterations of suits at fashion week events, there was little signs of the padded shoulders and oversized sleeves this year, with custom-tailored women’s suits emerging as a common theme.



What we’ve also noticed is a small resurgence of corduroy garments. Having spent years teetering on the edge of relevance, the heavier types of cotton fabrics looks set to return in many forms, including blazers and trousers, with its thick nature, that also makes it ideal for the colder months. To get the right look however, without looking too dated, it is important that you team it up with the pieces of clothing. Take for instance wearing corduroy trousers with a fitted dress shirt, and a pair of brogues that could create which isn’t just smart, but also makes a statement about the more fashion forward dress sense.


Check patters

We also witnessed a growing popularity for check prints. While the check patterned fabrics have been a forever staple in the world of tailoring, this trend will see a wide range of garments featuring the print in some form. There are a whole lot of ways you can go about with incorporating check patterns into a smart look. Depending on how bold you like to dress, you can choose to opt for a checked dress shirt, or maybe even have a suit created with checked lining. You could alternatively also opt for a checked fabric for your trousers, and team it up with a plain dress shirt, a cardigan or a sweater.

These 4 trends can easily be implemented into your looks over the next few months, while the winter still rages on. The true beauty in most them is in their versatility, allowing you to get creative in how and where you implement them into your looks.