Style-crimes a groom should never commit

Style-crimes a groom should never commit

The wedding season is almost over, but the next one is just around the corner. When there is not a summer wedding on the horizon, you can bet that the next Fall wedding is just around the corner. You know what that means. There are going to be many grooms to be that are hoping to ace their role to perfection on their big day, and there are going to be many guys that will commit style-crimes that should get them straight to fashion-jail, if there’d be one. Are you planning a wedding and looking to get inspired for your role as a groom, you’re probably trying to prepare not to be one of those guys doing the wrong things. Very good. A well-prepared groom is one that is less likely to fall for these pitfalls of style that we’ll focus on in this article. The pressure is already high, the blood pressure is reaching a point of a marathon-runner after 10-20 miles of uphill-running, and you are feeling dizzy, well – welcome to the world of being a groom! We have however gathered a small list of style mistakes you should never make, so you get one step closer to become the perfect groom-to-be.

“I don’t mind”

If your partner is asking about your opinion, and chances are that she will, since it probably is the biggest day of your lifes as a couple, don’t ever give her the vague and neutral answer “I don’t mind”. It will sound like that you don’t care, and even if it is the case, since you’ve been through a lot of planning and shopping, don’t ever show that you’re not interested. Remember that she most likely has a dream wedding in mind (and probably had since she was a little girl), so every bit of detail about it will probably mean a lot to her than you may realise.
Don’t be a “yes” man, but instead offer an opinion, so she will feel that the decisions she’ll make are being supported by you. Also try to offer an alternative solution, if you really just are against the idea she is proposing. You better learn that already. Show compassion, state your opinion and take a stance for or against it – you are a team – this is a team-effort.

Make the right choices on suits

Never, never settle for an ill-fitting suit. This goes without saying, since this is your big day, but make sure that your suit is well-fitted. This is the most important suit in your life – so make it count. Go the extra mile. Make sure that you not only look good, but instead look your very best, while also feeling comfortable in your attire for the special day. Trust us, a perfectly fitted suit will certainly make you feel like the star that night, the best dressed man – the one that has found an union with his suit (without stealing the attention from your bride of course).

Don’t ever make any purchases without your partners consent

You probably feel like you’re taking an active part, dealing with your wedding suit like the man you are, but don’t ever make this decision without consulting your wife to be first. There is, just like with many things in your future, a good chance that she will want to coordinate your looks, so don’t go out and choose anything that maks you look fancy, without any regard for what she wants. It won’t go down too well, so save yourself from that, before having to deal with it later (and you will hear for it, we promise).

You don’t need any disagreements about this, not at this stage, not ever. It will waste the precious time there is to plan the perfect wedding.

Don’t leave alterations to the last minute

If you already have a suit that you’d like to wear for the wedding, but it needs some adjustments because it magically shrunk somehow, make sure to get it done in good time. With a bit of self-discipline, chances are that your body won’t change drastically in a few weeks, so cross this point of your list as soon as you can.
The same goes if you’re having a custom-made suit crafted from scratch. You’ll want to make sure to give it at least 2-3 weeks to get done.

Keep your best man under control

The wedding day is to be celebrated, definitely. It should however be done in a way that is respectful to both families, yours and the brides – not to forget, all the other guests who are going to attend. Have a word with your best man beforehand, so you can outline a bit of a “plan of action” and “no go’s”, so you’ll avoid them planning anything that may seem unacceptable to attendants at the wedding.

These are only a few pointers to lead you in the right direction. Follow these and it will help you that everything runs smoothly in the preparation up to your big day.

Enjoy the wedding!