Sports Jackets: What types of pockets you should opt for

Sports Jackets: What types of pockets you should opt for

When it comes to versatility nothing compares to sports jackets out there. A sports jacket can be worn elegantly when paired with trousers, or casually, when paired with jeans. But the big question that remains is how you should pick the right jacket for yourself. A big factor to consider is that of the pockets really, as the pocket style will affect the formality and the versatility of the jacket.

The most common pocket style on jackets out there is the straight pocket, which is one that is sewn inside the coat. These type of pockets are versatile, simple, elegant and classy. There is however also a second, lesser known option out there; patch pockets.

What are patch pockets?

Patch pockets are probably the easiest one to create; as it is sewn on to the outside of the garment rather than sewn between the shell and the lining. The shape and size of the patch pocket can vary greatly though. It can be round and beveled pockets, but the more popular option is the square shaped pocket. You can get them sewn onto the jacket with or without flaps, and you can have them feature box pleats in order to expand storage.The possibilities are far from endless, but we all know that too many options can make it difficult to decide. Isn’t that right?
When you stand in our tailor-shop in Patong, you know the struggle. Although we guide you through the options carefully, we also present you with all of the possibilities that are available. Not all will fit to your style and preference, but we’ll mention them nonetheless, so you can make an educated final choice.

Where did patch pockets originate from?

Pockets were originally hung from belts and worn on the outside of garments. Due to such circumstances as pickpockets, clumsiness, and changes in fashion, tailors all over the world began to sew pockets to the garments.

Long story short, patch pockets are successors to hanging pockets and they precede the flap pocket style. Exactly who “invented” the patch pockets are lost to history, but the point is that, while rudimentary, they are centuries old.

How do patch pockets influence the style of sports jackets?

Dressing sharp for any occasion will receive appropriate attention, but the waters between well dressed and over dressed can be quite thin. Wearing a jacket to almost any non-formal event will set you apart from the flock. That’s a fact you probably know too well already, positively speaking. Being set apart and getting noticed is a good thing, but if you don’t want to play it inconspicuously, consider a jacket with the less formal patch pocket.

Nothing will ever make a sports jacket a suit jacket, no matter how much you try to make the scenarios up in your mind, but patch pockets are usually large and serve to break up the lines of the jacket, creating a more informal look. Therefore, sport coats with patch pockets are still going to make you look well-dressed, but not over-dressed as if you would wear a suit or a blazer.

Is a sport coat with a patch pocket too casual?

That’s rarely the case, no matter where you are in the world. Not many gents wear sport coats when they are in public. When the weather permits, you will usually see them wearing dress shirts without a jacket instead. Even worse, when the weather is cool, you may even see gents commit a classic sin in men’s fashion; wearing a dress shirt and an athletic jacket. A no go.

A sport coat, when accompanied by other appropriate garments, is guaranteed to make you look well-dressed. Of course, when a situation calls for a suit, then, by all means, wear your custom-tailored suit, if you have one. If not, feel free to contact one, and we’ll custom-tailor one to your exact body measurements and deliver it right to your doorstep.

If you are, for example, a manager of a factory, then chances are that a suit will be out of place, and an unwise decision when you are on the factory floor.

What if you have to look sharp for visitors, but not out of place?

A sports jacket with patch pockets will fit well in these kind of situations.

Why is that, you may ask. Suits are made to be streamlined, and are custom-tailored to situations which formality and appearance are cornerstones; usually giving a tour of the factory floor is not as formal as a sit-down meeting.

Additionally, the versatile sports jacket is removed from such situations of sit-down formality because the external patch pockets are reminiscent of the blue collar worker’s shop coat — a working man’s jacket.

So, should you want a jacket that is well-fit to your body, but the desire to be versatile, consider your choice of having patch pockets. The cut of the sports coat will still allow you to wear it to the office, and as well to casual situations without a loss of looking sharp.

What you can wear with a patch pocket sports coat

It really depends. When deciding, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my personal style?
  • What is the environment like (both ambient and social)?
  • What is the color, the fabric, and cut of my jacket?

A patch pocket sports coat will help you look sharp when the coat is paired with a complementary pair of trousers. Depending on your personal style and physical attributes, some men can even manage to pull off a sports coat paired with denims.

A patch pocket sports jacket paired with a complementary button down dress shirt, with the collar undone is a very casual look. If you want to trend toward the more classy style, then button up the collar and wear a casual tie instead. You want to dress warmly for those warm autumn days? Try to find a fitted cardigan sweater to match with your look. There are some gents that need that extra layer, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you are one of those gents, then a sweater is a great addition to add warmth, layering, and style to your overall outfit.

3 tips on how to wear a patch pocket with your sports jacket

Tip 1: Patch all your pockets

If you have decided on having a jacket with patch pockets tailored, make sure that all your pockets are patched. One jetted chest pocket with two patch pockets does not add to a finished look.

Tip 2: Do not overstuff the patch pockets

Although the patch pockets conveniently look like they can store a lot of your things, you should rather treat the patch pockets no different than straight pockets. It may seem paradoxical that larger pockets do not mean more capacity yes, but patch pockets should not be treated like tool-belt compartments. Be gentle with your garment.

Tip 3: Pocket squares work when the patch pockets are without flaps

It is very difficult to use a pocket square when your sports coat has patch pockets with flaps. Whatever the reason, avoid pocket squares. If you want to have an accessory that adds a visual appeal to your sports coat with flapped patch pockets, consider wearing a lapel pin or even a boutonniere.

End not on patch pockets on sports coats

A sports coat is a valuable piece of men’s classic fashion. It has been around in various styles for over 200 years and it is not going to fall out of style in our lifetime. If you understand the importance of a jacket and you want to wear one when out in public, then consider saving your money and purchasing a quality-made, fitted sports coat. Albeit your general belief, you do not have to drop thousands of dollars for a sports coat. At Exclusive Tailor in Patong, Phuket we know how to make great style for men with realistic budgets. A sports coat with patch pockets is an excellent way to have style through layering, material and visual appeal. Consider next time when you are looking for a casual coat a sports coat with patch pockets.