For the office workplace, suits have always been the main choice for the professionals, with blazers also being a popular choice among fresh graduates. We’ve talked time and again about how a good suit makes the man, and we’ve always been advocates of getting a custom-tailored suit, we are tailors after all! Yet when it comes to casual weekends, most of us would rather leave the suits at home.
That’s where the humble sports coat comes in. The casual brother to the office-based suits, sports jackets are, in our opinion, the best middle-ground between sophistication and laid-back comfort. A sports coat can be worn for all events, and with most materials, it is soft yet tough, meaning you won’t need to hang it to maintain its shape. Sure, it may not be the best choice for the workplace, but it’s indispensable for casual outings.
With this guide, we’ll be walking you through how to get the right sports coat that will last you years, while still delivering the right amount of comfort.


You’ve heard this before, but a good fit is key. A sports coat is designed to flatter your figure, with the best broadening and heightening your shoulders. This even allows your tummy to be concealed nicely, meaning you’ll be looking great regardless of the situation.
This all comes down to the right fit. Shop wisely if you’re after off-the-shelf solutions, though always be open for alterations. You do have a bit of leeway, as the casual connotations mean you can get away with a looser fit. Having some more room is great for layering clothing underneath as well. If you’re after perfection, bespoke sports coats are always an option if you won’t settle for less than perfection.


Nearly anything goes when it comes to sports coats. However, it’s worth bearing in mind the situations where you’ll be using your sports coat. Most commonly used for dinners and casual functions, you’ll be working with sports coats during the evening, which is why we’d recommend cotton or wool for their excellent temperature regulation. You can even get away with blends. So long as it feels comfortable, go ahead with what works.


Sports coats come in even more varieties than suits, so you have a ton of options to choose from. In fact, sports coats are designed to be worn separate from matching trousers, so go wild. Types to choose from including the shooting jacket, having roots from hunters; all the way to the hacking jacket, which has a single button and vent, giving off a simple vibe.
As most men opt to pair their sports coats with jeans, you can really go with whatever works. We’d still go with whatever looks good so long as it feels comfortable.


Honestly, experiment away. There really are no rules out of the office. Go with your favorite color, or whatever catches your eye. Just keep in consideration the situations you’ll be in. Under the night sky, you’ll want to avoid black, and if you’re planning on going for a stroll on the beach, bright colors should be off your list. The safe bet? Shades of gray, anything matching your complexion will do.


With that said, you now have a good idea of what to look for when shopping for sports coats. If you’re looking to have one altered or custom-made, why not give us a shot? We’re Exclusive Tailor, based in Phuket, and we have over 30 years in apparel design and altering. If you’re in the area, give us a call and we’ll show you around, we trust you won’t be disappointed.

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