Sports Coats 101 2

Sports Coats 101 2

Sports Coats 101: How to Wear a Sports Coat

Sports coats are the best choice for looking sophisticated in casual situations. Looking halfway between a suit and a blazer, sports coats are versatile in how they can look amazing in almost every function imaginable. Whether a first date, or a little weekend retreat to your parents’ place, the sports coat works wonders. It does it all, keeping you warm, and offering you a myriad of pockets, lightening the load on your trousers. There really isn’t any argument here, you need a sports coat.
Last time, we’ve covered how to pick the right sports coat, walking you through every aspect from the size down to the color choices. The convenient thing about sports coats is that you really can’t go wrong. If you’ve already purchased one, or maybe even had a bespoke coat made, then good for you. This time, we’ll be giving a short guide on how to wear that brand new sports coat of yours.

Dress Shirts

Being caught between looking professional and casual, dress shirts are definitely the base you should be going for. Rules to suiting up apply here, show just the right amount of cuff, keep the collars neat, and if necessary, add the right finishing touches. A tie can end up adding that little bit of needed grandeur.
Color wise, we’d recommend keeping things neutral, though being casual, you can get away with pretty much anything. White is always a safe choice, and hey, you can use the same dress shirt for your weekday work as well.


Since the name of the game is casual, and because of the way sports coats are designed, you’ll want to find trousers of a different color to your sports coat. In fact, take contrast further. If you’ve got a patterned sports jacket, go for a simple solid pair of trousers. The inverse also holds true.


Being the best choice for casual dressing, it really just makes sense to pair up your sports coat with a pair of nice jeans. It’s probably safe to assume that you already have a pair of good jeans, doesn’t really matter whether they’re grey or blue. If you don’t, then look out for one that fits well, while also feeling comfortable. Nothing ruins the look like baggy jeans. Also, keep the ripped jeans out of this, you’re trying to pull off semi-formal here. Color wise, dark colors tend to work best, so the classic dark blue will work nicely.


Finally, footwear will add the final touches to your outfit as a whole. However, there’s a careful balance to be had here. Going too casual with the shoes will lose the slight formality that comes with the sports coat as a whole. We’d recommend nice loafers, or any pair of shoes of class. The sport shoes aren’t the right choice here. If you do want to attempt the more casual footwear, try going neutral so it doesn’t stand out too much.

Parting Words

Finally, you should always remember that fit and comfort is key. These coats are meant to be casual, and that means that you should feel right at home in them. Do not hesitate alterations, or even going for custom made pieces of clothing. We at Exclusive Tailor, here in Phuket, are always around to help. With our years of experience in tailoring, we’re ready to do anything you require. Feel free to drop on by, we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed once you see what we can do.