Why rent a Tuxedo, when you could buy one instead?

Why rent a Tuxedo, when you could buy one instead?

It may seem like the easiest and most convenient solution to just rent a Tuxedo, for who really does need one on a frequent basis, right? Wrong. Although you may think that a Tux is just for the fancy black-tie event, and then nothing else, it can actually be used more frequently than you may think. Also, on the contrary to the general belief, a custom-tailored Tuxedo doesn’t need to cost more than a regular Suit, which is about 250-500$.

Tuxedos can sort of be considered as the timeless crown jewel in the world of Men’s Fashion. They are essential to most of your momentous days, whether it is a Prom, a Wedding, or everything Ceremony-related. Whilst it almost has been the norm to go for to rent a Tuxedo in this type of situations, a well-tailored Tuxedo should be your go-to choice if you truly want to look your very best.

Why do many Gents still opt for a rented Tuxedo?

Well, as already cornered in on, the price seems to be a big, if not the main factor here. The hassle of finding a good Tailor usually comes in as a close second.

There are countless of Tailors out there who would tell you that they are the very best, they have the classiest of styles, the most traditional workmanship, but very few can match that with affordable prices as well. Why, you ask yourself? Well, that is a very good question to ask. On the contrary to other Tailors, we luckily have very good options when it comes to labor cost. We don’t hire sweatshop workers, nor treat our staff any differently or harsher than in the Western world, but the cost of living simply is much lower here, and so are the labor costs. And believe us, when we say, that our Tailors, Cutters and Quality Management isn’t paid unfairly. Every of our workers working with us at Exclusive Tailor in Phuket can attest to that. Another factor that weighs in, is that our staff has worked in this field of service for generations. Our staff is very focused, very detail-oriented and efficient when it comes to their work. After all, they cut materials, sew and in general, cater to hundreds of clients every year, so that of course doesn’t come without a certain level of experience and attention to detail. What more is, our customers keep coming back, which again is to be complimented to our always helpful staff that often do extra hours, just to make sure that our customers go home with a custom-tailored garment with a perfect fit – no matter how tight the schedule is.

Custom-tailored Tuxedos will fit you Better

If you have ever rented a Tuxedo before, can you honestly say that it has fit you that well? The waistcoats that come with it are usually sort of ill-fitting, the pants never really come close to how you want them, and the jackets, well, yes, they certainly don’t have the tailored look that you really were looking for. When you rent a Tuxedo, did you give them your correct measurements? Probably not, because what most Tux-rentals do is to match your measurements to a measurement chart/size guide that aligns with the general “one-size-fits many” kind of measurements. Next step would be to plot these sizes in on the order form for your Tuxedo and Voila, your rented Tuxedo will be brought out to you. Here you go, enjoy!

The custom-tailored Tuxedo versus the off-the-rack counterpart isn’t really up for much of a fight, as the former both comes with a better fit, but often also a better quality and of course also, more of a free choice when it comes to style. Who doesn’t want to add a bit of style? Looking like everyone else is boring, isn’t it?

Custom-tailored Tuxedos are worn only once – or so you think

You may find yourself thinking, when you would ever have the chance to wear  a Tuxedo again. That must be the reason people rent them. Well, no. Actually, any invite that says ‘formal black tie’, or ‘black tie optional’ is an invite specifically made to your Tuxedo. Same goes for when you have an invitation to an opera, a ballet, a ball or a symphony in front of you. If your Tuxedo had a face, it would smile. All formal events, dinner parties, dance parties, visits to restaurants – for all of them a Tuxedo can be suitable.

Custom Tuxedos are equal to memorable fashion

No matter what the event is, whether it is a formal dinner party, a gala, or most commonly a wedding, chances are that you know about this event way ahead of time.
You plan for it, and you also need to be dressed for the occasion. A tuxedo is a must-wear item, but as in other situations of life, memorable times call for memorable fashions. Not everyone can be as suave as the groomsmen with the custom Tuxedos of course, and not everyone will understand just how important such events are. You on the other hand understand just how stylish you should be, how important this event is, or you wouldn’t be taking the time to be reading this. No matter the event, always keep in mind  that just any special occasion calls for a special appearance.

Custom-tailored Tuxedos cost less money

Well, that is not completely true. Whilst a rented Tuxedo can be cheaper, the difference to that of a custom-tailored counterpart, is that for the former you need to pay every time, whilst you for the latter only pay once. What more is, with the custom-tailored option you have choices, a vast range of choices in fact. You can choose about every detail of the Tuxedo yourself, from the color of the material, the lapel style, jacket- and pants pockets, jacket vents, sleeve buttons, lapel buttons, and much more. On the bottomline you can either spend more and get less, or you can spend less and get more. Design it to look exactly as you wish.

The next time that some special occasion calls for the use of aTuxedo, have us in mind. Give us a call, even if you’re not planning to purchase your Tuxedo from us. We are more than happy to guide you along the way, so you won’t fall for some of the typical style mishaps you’ll meet along the way, when in the process of having one tailored for yourself.

That’s it for this week, Gents. If you liked what you read, or should have any questions or comments, please feel free to let us know. If you’d like to design your own custom Tuxedo, please visit our contact us section here on our website to get in touch with us.