New Years’ Eve is a unique night out. It’s one of the few nights when right across the world, we’re all celebrating the same thing. And TV stations across the globe show the many different firework displays put on by some of the biggest cities on the planet. And your outfit for this special night should match the uniqueness and sparkle of the night and add fireworks to the party.

New Years’ Eve fashion is about combining glitz, glamour, and style. It’s a time for men and women to add a touch of luxury and a bit of sparkle to their outfit.

Luxury ladies

For women, New Years’ Eve presents a great opportunity for a stunning dress. This could be a ballgown or black dress. You should be looking at block color dresses with the glitz added by accessories. Jewelry can be as sparkly as you like; this is a night where it’s almost impossible to go over the top on shimmer. A black dress with glittery shoes and bag, diamond jewelry and even gloves may not be suitable for many occasions, but at New Year, you can pull it off.

Be ostentatious, be showy, be brave in your choice of outfit. Just don’t scrimp. This is a once a year celebration so treat it that way. Whatever style you choose, make sure you get your outfit adjusted to fit perfectly. Both your outfit and jewelry should be of high quality. If you scrimp on one, it will dull the other and the whole outfit will suffer. So, be bold and have fun with your outfit – you deserve it.

Luxury lads

The usual rules apply when it comes to styles and color combinations, but you might want to crank things up a little. A little bit of silver or gold, that you wouldn’t normally consider, can work well on New Years’ Eve. Dark-colored suits work best as they allow you to add splashes of color with accessories. A dress watch, block color vest or tie to spruce it up a bit and a touch of glitz in other accessories such as a tie clip or cufflinks will raise your outfit to a new level and make it suitable for the occasion. There aren’t many nights throughout the year where glitz is actively encouraged in men’s style, so enjoy it while you can.

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