Measuring Guide For Women

Measuring Guide

Women’s Measurements

In order to begin with your first order with us, we need to have your measurements taken. Below you’ll see a range of videos for you to view. With this in hand, you’ll be able to take the correct measurements, so our tailors can begin their work, crafting your next bespoke product for you either now, or maybe at a later stage, if you’re still undecided right now. Below the videos, you’ll find a section where you can add your measurements, as you go along taking them. Once you are done, please fill in a few information about you and press submit. We’ll then get in touch with you to confirm that we’ve got your measurements and inform you about the next processes. Please do take all measurements, even if it’s not relevant for all products you wish to have custom tailored.

Please fill your measurements below and Submit to us:

Bust Height

Bust Width

Jacket Length

Front Length



Lower Waist



Back Full Length

Back Half Length

Skirt Length

Skirt Hip

Sleeve Length



Trouser Length

Trouser Hip