The art of wearing suits is key to looking like an exquisite gentleman, however, most people fail to nail down the main aspect of picking the right suit, to begin with. We’re not going to cover the basics of color choice or cuttings here, instead, let’s walk through the most important part of each suit (or really any form of clothing in general), the fabrics.


No matter your choice of material, there are a few general rules that you should follow. Always think of the weather you’ll be wearing your suit in. During the summer time, breathable fabrics are the way to go; conversely, winter times are where warmer materials shine.
Next, the softness of the fabrics are key as well. You don’t want an itchy suit which wraps too tightly around you. While form fitting suits are nice, you definitely don’t want something that breaks when stretched.
With the ground rules laid down, let’s start going through your available choices.


This is the undeniable king in terms of popularity, wool is so versatile that you can always count on it. It’s completely natural, meaning it breaths well, and works beautifully day or night, warm or cold. The soft quality also ensures that creases won’t be a problem. If you’re looking for suits that look light, wool might not be the right choice due to its relative bulk. Variants of wool include flannel, cashmere, tweed and worsted.


A blend of wool and synthetic fabrics, cashmere has a unique texture that some find particularly alluring. This suit gives off a shine due to the polyester blends, which might look luxurious, but isn’t suited for the workplace. If you’re after something for romantic dinners though, look no further.


Another popular choice, cotton is found from plant fibres, and is well known for its breathable properties. They also come at cheaper prices as well, often being deemed a budget alternative to wool. However, do consider that it is rougher and creases easily. Regardless, don’t count cotton out for its lower price, it is arguably the best choice for spring and summer outfits.


A synthetic material, linen is popular for being light and it’s ability to keep the wearer cool despite the burning sun. Wrinkles are a problem though, and you might find the coffee stains difficult to clean. For summer time, linen is the undisputed king. For formal events, the other alternatives would be preferable.


If wool is the best in terms of popularity and warmth, silk is the best in comfort. These suits are breathable and regulate temperature beautifully, being suitable for all the seasons. You really can’t go wrong with silk suits.


A hybridization of silk, cotton and nylon, velvet is often used for the suit jacket, giving off a luxurious shine while still being breathable due to the high concentration of natural fibers. You can’t get the same shine with other materials. If you’ve been to any dinner parties, chances are you’re familiar with velvet suit jackets. This is not for the workplace though.


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