For those cold winter months, there is nothing better than having a well-made coat to keep you warm. Even discounting that, a good coat makes a good impression, especially in classy restaurants. Nonetheless, a coat isn’t for every occasion. Your employer will probably prefer a suit or jacket over an overcoat, and the added bulk can be a huge downside.
Today, we’ll be covering the fabrics that work well with coats. Regardless of whether you’re looking for something that keeps you warm, or a simple coat to match up with the rest of your clothing, picking the right fabric can make all the difference. There are a few fabrics to go through, so let’s begin looking into them.


It’s worth thinking about what you need from your coat. There are, in general, three main types of coat fabrics available. Lightweight coats suit the spring and summer, and include jacquard, tweed, thin wool and velvet. Medium weight coats are good for autumn, featuring thicker wool blends and cashmere. And finally, heavyweight coats are for the harsher winter months, with the most popular types being pure wool or fur based.


Wool is a guaranteed way of keeping yourself warm. Sheep wool is perfect for winter snow due to its water resistance, and other variants have similar properties. 100% wool products are completely natural and durable, and you can’t really go wrong with the caring and handling either. Dyes also mean you get a large palate of colors and patterns to choose from. If you need to keep warm, you can’t really go wrong with wool.


For the uninitiated, blends of different wools are an excellent starting point. While not pure wool, these still offer up great heat insulation while combining in the benefits of each coat material. This also means that you get to try different things out, getting to grips with what you need.


More expensive than wool, cashmere is a definite eye catcher. With its signature soft and silky feeling, this is the best for special events where you just need to stand out. Unlike wool, the cleaning and handling of cashmere is slightly more complicated. Whether or not cashmere is for you depends on your personal thoughts. Our thoughts? Just try out some off the shelf options to see if it’s for you.


The best in terms of durability, mohair gets you all the warmth you need to get through the winter. It is commonly blended with wool for the best effect, you can get comfort and durability in a simple, affordable package. Do not the roughness that comes from pure mohair coats though.


Tweed is a wool blend, and the name carries the signature brown colors as well. These are versatile, having been in fashion since decades earlier. Lightweight and heavyweight tweed work for different looks, so go ahead and mix and match to find out what works for you. We’d recommend working with medium weight variants for maximum coverage regardless of the weather.


Fur was the original option for coats, and faux fur is the animal friendly alternative. Synthetically produced, you still get the overall looks and textures for a fraction of the cost. Just remember that there are still quality differences. Bad quality fur might leave you cold during the nights.


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