How to store your suits without ruining them

How to store your suits without ruining them

Where should I store my suit?

The best way to store your suit without ruining it is to hang it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Use a sturdy wooden hanger with rounded edges that will hold the shape of your suit. This is important as hangers with squarer edges tend to dig into the suit and leave dimples which can be almost impossible to get rid of entirely. Your suit should be covered with a cloth garment bag to protect it from dust, moths, and damp. If you don’t have a cloth garment bag it’s worth investing in one as they allow for ventilation. The plastic covers which often come free with a suit are not suitable as they will encourage mildew. And make sure, if you have multiple suits, that they’re spread out on the hanging bar to allow air to circulate. Buttons on suit jackets should be left unfastened while hanging to allow the jacket to retain its natural shape.

Can I fold my suit?

If possible, your suit should not be folded. That includes the pants which should be hung by the hem using a clamp hanger. Of course, if you’re traveling you may need to use a portable garment bag to protect your suit while in transit. If this is the case, make sure you hang it up properly at the earliest opportunity to keep it in good shape.

You can help prevent moths and mold by placing cedar blocks or lavender sachets in your closet.

What should I do before I put my suit away?

If you pick your suit up from a dry cleaner, it’s important to remove the dry cleaning bag as they’re made from petroleum and emit gases that can harm the garment. If it hasn’t been dry cleaned, you might want to give the suit a gentle clean with a soft bristle brush before putting back in the wardrobe. In either case, you should air it for at least a day before hanging it up.

Never hang your suit up with stains on it. This will attract mold and mites.

Wool suits should be given a “steam bath” before hanging to remove wrinkles and odors. To do this you can close doors and windows in the bathroom and run hot water to create a steamy environment or just hang it in the bathroom while you’re having a bath or shower. Make sure you let it dry completely before putting it into the closet.

Empty the pockets. It’s best to avoid using the pockets at all as bulky items in pockets can distort the shape of the jacket and pants. But you definitely should not leave anything in the pockets while it’s hanging up. Remember, you’re trying to maintain the shape of the suit and anything that detracts from that runs the risk of ruining the garment.


Check your suit before you put it away. If there are any defects get them mended straight away so that you hang it up just as you expect to take it off the hanger next time you wear it.

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