We’ve all had those days where no matter what we try, our shirt collar just won’t do as we want. It can be incredibly frustrating and we spend the whole day conscious that we don’t quite look our best When it comes to style, detail is crucial – and that includes getting your shirt collar just right. A sagging collar takes the edge off an otherwise sharp outfit so finding ways to fix it can elevate your entire outfit.

Keep an upright collar

To prevent a sagging collar, make sure your first button is fastened immediately after ironing the collar. This will help form the collar into the correct shape while the steam from the iron is settling down. If you’re wearing a tie with your shirt it will help to hold the collar in place, as will collar stays. But even if you opt for a shirt without a tie you’ll still want a defined collar that stays where it should. For ultimate style, your collar should appear structured yet natural.

Your shirt placket

The front placket is the part of your shirt where the buttonholes are. It is constructed with more than one layer of fabric and can aid you in keeping your collar in place. Starching the placket works as a temporary measure to stiffen the placket and help guard against drooping collars but for long-term reinforcement you’ll need to insert placket stays. These will help keep your shirt looking sharp every day. If you want a placket stay, speak to your tailor and ask him to sew it in.

Choose a taller collar band

A taller collar band is another way to avoid saggy collars. It creates depth and provides a suave look. Tall collarbones are usually big enough to fit two collar buttons and are designed with longer collar points and a taller neckband to enhance your shirt and your overall look. Taller collar bands will frame your face differently so it’s best to try a few different sizes to find which size works best for you. We recommend you visit your tailor who will be able to help guide you in selecting the most suitable size.

At Exclusive Tailor, we provide bespoke suiting and tailoring services along with regular style advice to keep you looking your best at all times. If you’re new to the world of bespoke suiting, welcome aboard! You’re in for one hell of a ride. And we’re to help you every step of the way. A bespoke tailored suit looks and feels so much more luxurious than one off-the-rack and you’ll grow in confidence just by putting one on. Our ordering process is simple and you can have your very own custom-tailored suit delivered to your door without ever having to visit us in person (although when the world returns to normal we’d love to see you again).

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