For a suit to fit perfectly it must be tailored to your posture. Here we look at the four most popular posture types for men, how they affect tailoring, and what can go wrong of you don’t fit your outfit to your posture.


Normal posture: should maintain a plumb line that runs through the ear, shoulder, rib cage, pelvis, knee, and ankle. It’s uncommon for people to have perfect posture but it’s something we should all be aiming for, not just for style but for health and wellbeing too.

Lordosis posture:  an excessive inward curve of the spine which primarily affects the lumbar spine but can also occur in the neck. When found in the lumbar spine it can lead to an exaggerated posture with prominent buttocks.

Severe lordosis posture: as the name suggests this is a more pronounced version of lordosis

Flatback posture: the flat back or C shaped posture is identified by a forward head and a hunched upper and lower back which forms a distinct C-shaped curve. This is common in people who slouch when standing or sitting.

Most of us slouch to some degree but most off-the-rack suits are designed with normal posture in mind. So, you can see why they rarely fit well and even an off-the-rack should be tailored to fit the wearer. 


Every client’s body is unique and there will be distinctions that cannot be covered by a general discussion about posture so rest assured that our tailors will take these into account when measuring and designing your bespoke suit. Sometimes more allowance will be needed for the front with the back being taken in and other times it will be the opposite. Many clients slouch and lean forward meaning their suit jacket are likely to gather at the front so will need to be taken in to fit snugly around their back. This will not only fit their natural posture but will also encourage good posture. 


Shoulder divots are one of the most obvious signs that a suit is ill-fitting. Again, this is often down to posture. Men who slouch have dropped shoulders and their suit needs to be tailored to account for this. It’s often said that the shoulder measurement is the cornerstone of a tailored suit and there is a lot of truth in that. A poorly-tailored shoulder will be obvious every time you move your arm and let’s face it, we spend a lot of time moving our arms.

At Exclusive Tailors, we have years of experience in tailoring and understand the need for accurate measurements and perfection in design. And that means understanding the different postures and how to design to enhance the silhouette using accurate measurements by matching suit to body shape, not trying to fit your body shape to a suit. To discuss your suiting requirements, simply send us a message via our contact form.

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