How Formal Fashion Evolved

How Formal Fashion Evolved

Throughout time, there has always been some concept of formal fashion – clothes that were only worn for extremely important events. As long as there have been important events, there has been a need to dress the part, to aesthetically prove that this event is worthy of better clothing, as a sign of respect for the proceedings.

The origin of formalwear

Formal wear was not initially used to distinguish clothes worn for daily activities and clothes worn for special occasions, but to create a dress code that differentiated daywear from evening wear. Evening wear was seen as more special and elegant, and worn to attend social gatherings. This began in the late 17th century and continued throughout the 18th century. This look included breeches, a justaucorps with a cravat, and a tricorn hat.

By the 19th century, the tricorne hat had been replaced with a top hat, breeches were replaced with pantaloons, and the justaucorps became a sleeker tailcoat. Throughout the 19th century, the formalwear remained relatively the same, save for all of the minor changes that occurred to the style of the coat.

The introduction of the tuxedo

In 1896, tobacco heir Griswold Lorillard showed up to an autumn ball in a formal jacket without tails. This event took place at a country club in Tuxedo Park, and the name of the suit stuck. Known by its black color (always black, never any other shade) and shawl collar, the tux is seen as the epitome of formal fashion.

In reality, formal fashion has barely evolved

If you consider the way that women’s formal fashion has evolved over the decades, men’s fashion simply hasn’t had the same experience. A tuxedo became a staple item of formal wear for every man back in the late 1890s, and very little has changed since. A black jacket, black pants, and a white dress shirt still reign supreme when it comes to formal attire. Of course, minor details are changing ever so slightly – it’s more acceptable now to wear a bold-colored shirt or tie in some circumstances, but the fundamentals remain the same.

This consistency doesn’t have to be considered a negative thing. Purchasing high-quality formal wear is a long-term investment, and will still be in style years later, ready to wear to any significant event.

Invest in formal fashion

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