Stripes provide an uncomplicated pattern that can be extremely versatile and there are few situations or occasions for which no stripe would be suitable. In fashion, we tend to talk about stripes as vertical, with horizontal ‘stripes’ referred to as hoops. A hooped suit or shirt would be a very unusual piece and would work in very few situations. And only if you’re an extrovert. But hey, that’s what bespoke suiting is all about. Here, though, we’ll stick to taking a look at some of the most common striped suits:


Pinstripe is so named as the stripes are roughly the thickness of a pinhead. The stripes are generally no more than 1/18 inch and produced using one or two yarns. The stripes are evenly spaced around 1/10 of an inch apart. Traditionally associated with bankers and businessmen, pinstripes traditionally use a dark suit fabric such as charcoal with a light-colored stripe.

More recently, pinstripe has become used as a fashion piece and for a more casual look, you can use bright colored stripes on a dark suit or even a light colored suit with dark stripes. These subverted pinstripe suits add a touch of flair without being too over the top. Pinstripe can help to elongate your silhouette making you look taller and slimmer.

Chalk stripe

Chalk stripes are thicker than pinstripes and are around the same thickness as a chalk line drawn on fabric by a tailor. The thicker lines are bold and quite widely spaced so this is a more informal option that allows you to play about with color. With the wider stripes, this is not suitable for larger gentlemen as it will accentuate the broader physique.

This is the chilled, laid-back cousin of the pinstripe and can be paired with t-shirts, sweaters, or turtle-necks for a casual vibe just as easily as it can be with a shirt and tie for business attire.


Ok, so seersucker is a fabric, not a stripe, but let’s face it, we all recognize it as a striped material. The name comes from the Hindi word ‘shirshaker’ which itself is derived from the Persian ‘shirushaka’, meaning milk and sugar. The distinctive crumpled appearance of seersucker is produced using a unique weaving technique in which some threads are pulled tighter than the rest to provide a soft, ridged texture that creates space between skin and fabric which allows air to circulate. This is a light, breathable fabric and is very popular for summer suiting.

At Exclusive Tailor in Phuket, we specialize in bespoke suiting for all occasions. Whether you’re looking for business attire or a new handcrafted suit for casual wear, why not think about adding some stripes to your wardrobe. You can check out some of the most popular striped suits and get inspiration by visiting our website, and ordering is straightforward and can be done online.

If you have questions about the right stripe for you or any other tailoring queries, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


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