Tailoring is more than just cutting and sewing fabric to make a suit. It is a time-honored craft that requires specialist skill and an experienced eye to get attention to detail just right. Your initial measurements are just the start of the journey and form the basis of your tailors first draft but fittings and amendments also form an important part of the process. Those changes will be determined by your body shape as your tailor adjusts the fabric to achieve the perfect, flattering fit.

Body Types

People have different body types and everybody is unique. Some aspects of body shape such as height are natural while others are determined by lifestyle. If, for example, you regularly work out at the gym, you may opt for the more stretchy fabrics to ensure you can move freely without your muscle contractions making your suit too tight. On the other hand, if you have a thin frame, you will want to wear a tight-fitting suit otherwise you’re likely to appear as though you’re wearing your dad’s suit. A good structure to the suit will enhance your silhouette.

Body Proportions

Body proportions refer to the length of your torso in ratio to your legs and is a crucial measurement for your tailor to understand so that he can ensure you look balanced. The ratio can be manipulated by adjusting the rise and break of your pants. If you have a long torso, your tailor will probably recommend high-rise pants to make your legs appear longer. If your torso is short, a low to mid-rise is probably more appropriate.

The break of your pants will also affect your look. The break is the fold at the bottom of your pants and you have a choice of no break, quarter break, half break, or full break. Usually, the shorter you are, the shorter the break as this will help to add length to your legs.

Another key aspect of body proportion is where to place the button on your jacket. A lower button will create a deeper ‘V’ which will lengthen the upper part of the torso which makes you look taller and slimmer. If your jacket is too long or if the sleeves are the wrong length, this will create an imbalance too and these adjustments require the expert eye of a tailor to ensure the perfect fit. Most of us can say when a suit doesn’t look right, but understanding how to make the necessary adjustments, and the ability to carry them out, is what makes a tailor.

All our tailors are experienced and professional with a meticulous eye for detail and the skill to create the perfect garment time after time. To talk to us about finding the right suit for your body type get in touch or, if you’re in town, just pop in and see us.

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