Formal wear tips - for the ladies

Formal wear tips - for the ladies

You are finding heaps of information, tips and guides for men on the internet when it comes to tailoring, fashion and style. There is however quite a lack of articles and useful information when it comes to the female readers on blogs and forums around the internet. Why is that? Are females in general better at finding inspiration themselves? Do they just know what is in style and know each and every detail they’d like to include in their custom-tailored garments, is there just no market for the female audience, or is it simply a field that is getting neglected?

To be fair, we do a lot of writing for gents too (stay tuned – many more articles in the pipeline, waiting to be published), but that is mainly because we feel that gents tend to have more questions prior to their orders, so we try to accommodate them by including their inquiries in articles about the different subjects. We find that quite a lot of females are following our website, but they don’t make a fraction of those inquiries compared to men. There’s a huge market for the female audience, but it is just not being catered to enough – sadly.

We’ll try to change that by writing articles targeted towards women, from evening dresses, wedding dresses, do’s and dont’s and of course about the centrepiece of tailoring – the work suits. We do that in hope for our female readership to take it in and use it as an inspiration for their next orders – so they are educated about every single detail that goes into a custom-tailored garment – no matter the choice of clothing. Habits however will more often than not guide you to the topic we know most about – and those are suits and dresses, whether it’s for formal or casual wear. This one will be all about formal wear – let’s get into it.


What makes a well-fitted suit

Knowing what makes a well-fitted suit is important in order to look good and also helps you to determine what you want when you’re having a tailor-made suit crafted for yourself. Every good tailor will make sure that you’re suited and fitted well, but knowing what makes a well-fitted suit will offer you that extra self-assurance that you’re really looking your absolute best.

We’ve looked at how each element of a suit should sit to form a perfect look for any formal occasion.

The Blazer

Among the fundamentals of the suit, the blazer takes a big part of the look and impression. The blazer in fact is the key element of the suit, so getting it right will define how your look is being perceived and how well-complimented your body shape is in your overall look. If it’s oversized, it will make your body look out of proportions and if it is too small you’ll be making the garment look like it is gasping for air. Getting it right, in the right proportions is therefore crucial in order to achieve a perfect look.
Out of the key points on a blazer is that the shoulders are not wider than they need to be. If the shoulders on the blazer extend too far in width, they’ll have you look broader than you actually are – and that seldom is an something you’d want.
While ensuring your shoulders are snug, make sure you also allow for room to manoeuvre your arms, a well fitted blazer should also allow for comfort so make sure you don’t feel restricted.
Talking about arm length, the guide lines are clear for the men, but for women however, you have more freedom with anywhere between the wrist and the top knuckle of the thumb being seen as suitable.
If your choice
Another area that women need to consider is the area around their bust. When dressing for a formal occasion then you’ll ideally want your blazer able to be buttoned, which means that it will need to be able close comfortably.
If it’s at a strain as a result of your bust it will not only look untidy, but also draw the wrong kind of attention on that area. Just bear in mind that it is widely accepted to just close the top button of your blazer.

The trousers

The length of your trousers right can be very tricky, in particular if you are planning to wear them paired with shoes of different heights. That is something that is somewhat an unique issue for women, when trying to find the right trousers for their suited look. Many women choose trousers that reach up to an inch off the floor and it’s fine when you’re wearing high-heels, it can also lead to the trousers “catching” the floor when you choose to wear them with flat shoes, which leads to worn out trousers on the back of your trousers. This certainly won’t impress anyone at a formal event.

You therefore have a bit of limits about your choice of footwear when it comes to suit trousers. A good way to get around this is to have the trousers cropped just above the ankles, allowing them to look good with both heels and flat shoes.

Last, but not least – the skirt

Well, the good old skirt is, similar to with your blazer arm length, important in helping to maintain a formal look, which is appropriate for most formal events. If you need a general rule to abide to, then ensure that the skirt is long enough to reach your knees. We definitely would recommend something that sits just the knees, just to play it safe.

When it comes to formal wear, there is always a need to be more reserved with your dress compared to your everyday work- or leisurewear. That goes for both the colors you choose to the fit of your suit.

At Exclusive Tailor we can help you with all your inquiries and questions you may have, before and after your purchase. See us as a style-guide, not “just” a tailor-shop. We’ll gladly help you to choose the right design, make sure that the measurements are correct and your up to speed when it comes to the latest fashion trends.

If you are looking for the perfect look for the next formal event, please feel free to get in touch with us!