Formal Fashion for Plus Sized Women

Formal Fashion for Plus Sized Women

Formal fashion for women isn’t something that hasn’t been paid attention too much in the past years, but in recent years, this trend has changed.
Looking good in your workplace has moreover stayed important, but smart looks can also offer a sophisticated edge to the chosen outfit for social events.
There are countless of articles online with tips about how to dress for plus sized women, but very few of them are actually all that relevant to suits and formal dress ups, and even fewer are about how one should go about with putting the looks together. You’ll find some of these tips below – and added to that, our take on each of them.

You should stay away from bright colors

It has been commonly know in offices and everywhere you have stood to talk about fashion, that bright colors can add to the looks on your curves. To some extent that is also true. However, this should not be any big reason for you to stop wearing them. What matters more is that you are comfortable wearing bright colors, not that you are wearing them. If you pair them up with other elements of your outfit, you are actually quite safe. Pull it off with confidence, and you’ll have a winning look. We can only emphasise on this, all outfits that are put together should be done with one aim only, and that is to look and feel good. If bright colors make you confident, then by all means, let them play their part in that.
When you try to match bright colors to your smart look, then you’ll want to be mindful of not making it look all too casual. If you happen to wear a bright shirt, then it would be a good idea to tone down the color of your jacket/blazer and trouser/skirt (and vice versa), if you find yourself opting for something like a suit that is all-white. You could also try to throw in some bright colored accessories to add a hint of color, whether it will be in the form of your shoes, handbag, yes, or even a shawl.

You should wear more dark colors

Also commonly heard in talks down the isles at work, in bars or at social gatherings is the conception that dark colors are slimming. That is also very much true, but (there is always a but) something in that statement that is all too often overlooked, is that the fit of the garment you are wearing or plan to wear is just as important as its color.
If you wear just anything that is ill-fitting, be it in dark or light color, it will actually make you look bigger than you actually are in most cases. If you plan on wearing darker colors to give yourself a more slimming look, most important is to pay attention to how it fits.
To avoid any mishaps, we always agree to get yourself a custom-tailored garment made for yourself. With a large portion of suits coming in Navy or Black colors, finding dark colors is hardly ever an issue, but with tailored pieces, you can at the same time ensure that the fit is just right to your body type, so it flatters your body the best possible.

You should avoid bolder patterns

This conception is just wrong. Bold patterns can in fact distract unwarranted attention to your figure. While you may find yourself insecure wearing them, when sets of eyes are drawn towards them, then rather embrace the looks rather than feeling uncomfortable.
Think of it this way – bold patterns can in fact draw attention towards your look more than your figure. At the same time it can also give you room to get a little more creative with your outfit. Take this example. A blazer with check or houndstooth pattern can add to your look and add some serious character to it. It’s quite a far-cry from the more reserved looks, which are often recommended for plus-sized women.

You should not wear button down shirts

As a Tailor, we don’t quite understand how some people can be recommended to avoid button down shirts altogether. Yes, some ready-made shirts may not come in the right measurements to allow the buttons to be comfortable closed, while ensuring the rest of the shirt also fits well, but that’s why we offer services such as our custom-tailored shirts. Those shirts are made in accordance to your unique body type, so they have a perfect fit to just the way you want them to be.
Button down shirts are great to accompany a suit, and at the same time it is also helpful to know that there are alternative options, if you can’t find ready made dress shirts that fit well.

The fact is, that there are no rules set in stone, which will govern the way how to dress. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Whilst there are a fashion mistakes you should avoid, quite a lot of it comes down to how the clothing actually fits, and the manner in which you team up each of the elements of the outfit, to not only complement one another, but also complement yourself, and the event it’s being worn for.