Formal fashion, first impression

Formal fashion, first impression

Imagine yourself being in this situation. You meet up for a business meeting in a conference room full of sharp suits and ties. You of course prepared carefully and came to the meeting wearing a suit as well, but why is it that you can’t get rid of the feeling that you’re being watched and people are smiling a bit mockingly at you?
You’re looking down at yourself to make a quick check-up, but you don’t notice anything out of the norm – so why are they smiling? It probably makes you uncomfortable, right? Maybe it is because your suit is a little too big or small for you, maybe it is because of the tie that is out of proportions, or maybe it is the way you chose to match your dress shirt with your suit this morning – who knows. Maybe it is also a piece of toilet paper that is attached to your shoes. There are countless of ways to mess up your look (and presentation) by choosing the wrong dresscode for the day.
First impressions are really crucial for any given event that you’re attending to. It can often lead to people developing an opinion of you before you’ve even spoken the first word. Much of our first impression stems from the way we walk, what we wear and how we present ourselves. That is why it is so important that you dress well, and look the part in order to ensure that nothing but positive impressions are drawn from you, from the very first sight.

We’ve looked at a few things that you can do in order to make a right first impression for a range of occasions.
Dress the part
It goes without saying really, but you need to ensure that you’re not only dressed well, but exceptionally well, whilst of course dress appropriate for the event you’re attending to. If you’re invited for a formal networking event, like we often are invited to, business attire is a mist, just like when you’re going on a first date in a fine dining restaurant – the sharp outfit should be the first thing she’ll notice.
To add to that, dressing well is really not only what you wear and how you pair it with other items, but moreover about how it fits you. You could be de dressed in top notch designer clothing made from the finest fabrics there exists, but if it fits like a bag of potatoes, then you’ll find yourself at odds trying to look good (very few can pull off a good look in a sack of potatoes).
This is often the case, for those people that don’t have what may be classified as a “regular” body shape (that’s most of us). For instance, men who are slim and have long limbs can really struggle buying off-the-rack jackets, which are fitted around the torso, while also being a good fit in length on the arms and shoulders.

Custom-tailored garments can really help you overcome this hurdle, and offer you the perfect solution in order to ensure that your clothes not solely provide the best possible fit, but also flatter your body more than the ready-made alternatives are able to.

Accessorise wisely

When it comes to accessories, you need to think thoroughly about what you match it with. Too little make it drown, too much will make you look like a Christmas tree. When teaming up accessories with formal outfits, they to be suited to the event you’re attending to. There isn’t a one-rule fits all for this, but in many cases the best look will be determined by what you wear and the occasion itself. Which pieces of accessories should you consider, you’re asking? The range is quite elaborate, from ties and cufflinks to watches, belts and even dress shoes. If you choose to attend to a business dinner, wear a nice watch and a pair of nice dress shoes for instance, or for a networking event, wear a subtle watch together with a nice tie that fits to your plain-colored shirt and dark suit. If you’re in for the business meeting, don’t over-accessorise, but instead wear nice striped tie, a pair of cufflinks and perhaps your most shiny dress shoes that you have in your wardrobe.


Confinde does the trick

Your parents have probably taught you this, and it is true, confidence and charisma are priceless traits to have, when it comes to polishing off your look. You can wear even the best fitting suit made from only the best materials, but if you enter the room with a body language that screams “is this the right room?”, then it is to no use. Enter the room, own the room. You’re one of a kind, a king of your own, so show others what you already know – show them what you’re made of.

This is a trait that comes natural to some, yet is a big challenge for others. It is something that you can practice, maybe even fake, if you know what to do. Walking with a straight posture, making eye contact and greeting your counterparts with a firm handshake, you’ll help make a good first impression.

It’s always good to keep in mind that you’ll be wanting to come off as being confident and approachable as opposed to being cocky. There’s a fine line between these two, especially when you’re dressed to impress.
Final note

Those are a few pointers to have in mind when trying to make a good first impression. A good rule to have in the back of your mind is also that if you believe that you look good, then chances are that you’ll also feel good, which naturally should give you a better stance. Next thing is to say the right things, but that is not something your clothes can help you with – that depends on the right preparation, but we’re sure that you’ve got that under control already.

Good luck with your upcoming events and meetings, Gents!

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