Five reasons to invest in a women's made-to-measure suit

Five reasons to invest in a women's made-to-measure suit

At Exclusive Tailor we cater to both Ladies and Gents, whether it is for dresses, blouses/shirts, trousers/skirts or suits. Especially suits, the true masterpiece of bespoke tailoring. We believe that both men and women need at least one good suit in their wardrobe.
Since we’ve covered Gents for a time, we try to balance it with a few articles targeted towards our female readership, as both are very important to us.
This article is henceforth for the Ladies –  but Gents, maybe you could learn a thing or two by reading this article as well.
So, if we may take a few minutes of your time, let’s begin.

As mentioned in the intro text above, we think that every wardrobe should have at least one good suit, no matter if you’re a Lady, or a Gentleman.
If there’s none in your wardrobe, the reason should be that you already wear it.

There’ll probably come an occasion (or three), where you need to attend to formal events, job interviews, or you have a workplace where it’s required of you to wear a suit. There’s almost no getting around it. There’s nothing that beats a suit when you dress up to impress.

Off-the-rack or custom-tailored

Now, you can either buy a suit off-the-rack, or you could invest in a custom-tailored counterpart, made to your exact measurements. Now, we’re not going through the long list of not opting for an off-the-rack suit. Not again. We instead boiled it down to 5 of the most important reasons for not following that route.

Let’s clear this off the table before we dive into it. The highest doubt you’d probably have already, when opting for an off-the-rack suit, is most probably the cost that you think is linked to going bespoke. Quite understandable. We keep hearing this reason from our customers that eventually find their way to us, for a reason.

Just like with boats, TV’s, digital cameras and cars – you have the choice between the top branded option and pay the price for it, or you can opt for a lesser known option that is evenly good. What is it going to be?

There are a lot of Savile Row Tailors that will protest, telling you that their suits are crafted better and are more durable than when you’re going to your small local Tailor, but it’s really nonsense. Lesser-known doesn’t mean lesser good. They just have the brand name that heightens the price, whereas smaller Tailors have to convince you harder with the individual suits they craft for customers. Believe us, we know. We’ve met a lot of customers that have been hesitating to buy their suits from us, because they’ve never heard from us. Once they did try us though, they’ve been loyal customers ever since. Over generations.

You see, small- medium and bigger, but lesser known Tailors often use the same, or similar materials, with the same, or sometimes even better eye for detail and workmanship as the large renowned Tailor-shops.

Need another benefit of choosing your local tailor over the top dog in your city?

Smaller tailors don’t let you wait for months to have the finished product in hand.

Since smaller tailors also don’t have many departments and offices to nurture, you’ll find that the suits from a smaller tailor also is quite cheaper.
Last, but not least, at a local tailor you’re not just a number, not just a client – you are…well, family!

So, it’s really all about your perception. Do you need the suit from a top brand, or do you choose a similar quality suit with the same workmanship, but lesser turnaround-time?
Your pick.

Let’s get down to the 5 reasons why you should invest in a women’s made to measure suit. If you’re still convinced of buying the off-the-rack solution, or you’d make use of the top-dogs of tailoring in your local hometown, you choose. You can’t say that we didn’t inform you of other options that are just as good (and cheaper).


Reason 1:  Personalisation – made for you, and only you!

Perfect fitting off-the-rack don’t exist. You think so? We bet you won’t be able to show us a suit that actually fits like a glove, if you buy it off-the-rack. People are way too differently shaped for that to be possible. Neither what suit you choose off-the-rack, you will most likely find an area or two where the fit is not right.
If you want your suit to be just so in terms of cut, colour, fabric and detailing, you have to go made-to-measure. A huge variety of personalisation options will ensure that your suit will look just as you imagined it.

Reason 2: Quality

You’ve been there – you probably bought an off-the-rack suit before, haven’t you? Then you probably noticed that the saying “you get what you pay for” is perfectly fitting. The price tag with the low price come for a reason. It’s not cheap labour – it’s called mass production. Even worse, mass production using garments that are often of a lower quality. You realised the disappointment when a garment rips, fades in color, or just well – get’s out of proportions.

If you’re spending a fair amount of money on a suit you’ll want something that looks good, feels good and is built to last. Women’s made-to-measure suits are built using only the best materials, from the lining to the stitching to the outer fabric – and it fits like a glove…..

Reason 3: Longevity – How long it lasts

You should really see a good suit as an investment you make in yourself. Both high quality off-the-rack and made-to-measure suits are likely to be fairly pricy, so you’ll want a garment that you’ll continue to wear for years. With suits you bought in a retail-shop, however, that’s rarely the case. Poorly made suits are prone to loose their shape, their colours fade and their lustre becomes drab over time. Not so with a tailored suit. With careful aftercare, your made-to-measure suit could last for ten years or more. The money you pay for your tailored suit will look like a bargain when it’s been a wardrobe staple for a decade or more.


Reason 4: The Fit

Women come in all different shapes and sizes – but off-the-rack suits don’t.
You’re not the only one having faced the struggle find a well-fitted off-the-rack suit. It’s a myth! Say you find a suit that fits well around the top, then it likely is  too wide around your stomach. Maybe the arm length is good, but the shoulders are too cramped, which makes you feel a bit, well – trapped.
Yes yes, you could get it altered by a local tailor, but that would increase your cost and is also often not possible, since off-the-rack suits don’t come with extra fabric to adjust the size. There’s not much to play with for a local alteration tailor, sadly.
The made-to-measure tailoring process usually involves a number of fitting appointments to ensure that the finished product is made to fit your body only – nobody else’s, but this can also be achieved by ordering online. Our team at Exclusive Tailors usually adds an inch or two to your measurements and we help you to take the right measurements in the first place, so you’ll be set with a perfect fit.

Reason 5: The ever changing fashion trends

Last but not least, you should consider investing in a women’s made-to-measure suit to capitalise on one of the trends of the moment. Some of the most glamorous women on the planet are swapping ball gowns and cocktail dresses for tailored suits on the red carpet, and they look fantastic doing so. A-listers all over the world are increasingly turning to tailored suits for the biggest and most glamorous events. Isn’t it time you joined them?

If you’re convinced that a made-to-measure suit is a must-have this year, contact us at Exclusive Tailors and we’ll guide you through the process, whether you visit us personally, or order from us online.
We can even come to you – our visiting tailor service makes being fitted for a tailored suit more convenient than ever before.