Fashion tips for men: Dressing according to your body shape

Fashion tips for men: Dressing according to your body shape

All of us gents have an independent body shape, which can be a blessing, a challenge or a burden. It can make off-the-rack shopping to a horrendous experience, a walk in the park or, we repeat – a challenge.
You’ve probably heard the terms hourglass figure, pear and apple shapes before, when talking about body shapes. While this is not a topic that is high on our gents priority list, when talking to the chaps at the local bar, this however can serve as an indicator for what type of shopping you should be doing, when the time comes for shopping clothes.

The struggle about fit

Men’s body shape is important when deciding what to buy and wear. Not all clothes work for everyone. As a tailor-shop, we know as well as anyone the importance of a well-fitting, flattering garment. This article will therefore take a look at how gents can dress to suit according to their shape, whether it’s for everyday use, fashion tips or if you’re planning to get a wedding outfit, where you of course want to look and feel great. Let’s get into the different body shapes and how you can use it to your advantage.

The inverted Triangle

If you’re one of those gents with broad shoulders and narrow hips, then we cheer you – you’re a guy with an inverted triangle body shape! This body shape is quite easy to dress, but to balance the shoulders out, you may wish to use detailing to your advantage. Same goes for wide legged trousers, to even out your heavier top half of your body. Opt for fitted or tapered shirts, so they don’t hang off you like boxy tents. Never opt for padded shoulders. Double-breasted suit jackets should be avoided too.

The rectangle

If you’re one of the gents with a rectangle body shape where your chest, hips, and shoulders are of a similar width, then suits with padded shoulders will work well for you. Paired with lighter suit colors, it will also give the impression of broad shoulders. Wearing slim trousers will further work to make you look less rectangular. Layering will add bulk to your shoulders and give your torso a more defined shape.

The triangle

Are you equipped with wider hips and narrow shoulders? You may not have been aware all this time but – you’re a triangle. You’re bulkier around your stomach and slimmer at your chest and shoulders. In order to dress for this body shape, you’ll want to use many of the same tricks we covered under the rectangle section, to make your shoulders appear bulkier than they actually are.
Clothes must be well fitted, but not too tight. Ill-fitting clothes on a triangle body shape will only emphasise the bulk around your stomach – not something you’ll want.

The Oval body shape

If you’ve one of those gents with a larger stomach and your body appears round, you’re an oval. No issues. With this body shape, to dress as an oval, you want to direct the attention of the eyes to your shoulders and chest instead – away from your stomach. Wear V-necks and vertical stripes to slim down your torso, and choose low-rise trousers that sit around your hips rather than your waist. Don’t bulk up your frame with too many layers, or wear exuberant patterned shirts – a mistake way too many gents do, when they try to cover up their wealth around the gut.

The trapezoid shape

The trapezoid body shape sounds like something taken out of the circus or mathclass, but is actually extremely similar to the inverted triangle, with a moderate width waist rather than a narrow waist. This body shape is the easiest of all to dress for, and provided your clothes fit you well, you can get away with wearing pretty much whatever you want – so feel free to experiment with your favourite colours and patterns.

At Exclusive Tailors we craft your suits from the the ground up, which takes your body shape, design preferences and personal style into account. Which these options and educated choices, you’ll be sure that your bespoke suit accommodates you perfectly according to your personal style, wearability and taste.

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