Men’s fashion is about more than just the clothes you wear; it’s about fashion accessories, too. Of course, your outfit is the most important style choice, but it can be taken to another level by the right choice of accessories. Here we look at some fashion accessories you probably didn’t know you needed but, once you wear them, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.


Worn with a dress suit, pocket squares add a splash of color and personality. Pocket squares must complement your necktie and suit. They exist to pull your outfit together not to stand out on their own. Pocket watches are sometimes thought of as outdated, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They’re classic and, if worn correctly, enhance your look.


A watch is not just a timepiece. It should fit with your outfit and, even if it doesn’t add anything in terms of style, it shouldn’t detract from it either. Stainless steel will be appropriate for workwear but for more formal occasions a decent leather strap or precious metal watch will look much better. If choosing a leather strap make sure it doesn’t clash with other leather accessories.


Never intended to be just for geography teachers, the tie clip can be fashionable as well as functional. When you’ve made an effort to look great, the last thing you want is your tie flapping about looking untidy. A tie clip will keep your tie neat and your suit sharp. It’s a better option than a tie pin as the clip won’t damage the fabric of your tie, and like all accessories, it’s a case of choosing a good quality, stylish product that deserves to be matched with a tailored suit.


Wallets are bulky and your suit won’t fit right as it will create a bulge somewhere. If you’re wearing jeans or chinos, you’ll find them more agreeable to a wallet but long term it will damage the pockets of those too. A card case is slim, lightweight and stylish. It will fit your essential cards and make sure you don’t take everything with you everywhere you go; you really don’t need to take your library card to a barbecue anyway!


Briefcases are bulky, cumbersome and out of date. Choose a business bag instead to add a touch of flair to your business dress. Lighter and more pliable than a briefcase, it’s a far more modern product and allows you to keep those pockets free of gumph.


The latest thing in men’s neckwear. It’s sleek, modern and stylish. This is a garment you can have fun with. Experiment with colors and patterns to add some personality to your outfit. A foulard can be paired with a suit or smart casual wear and is a very versatile piece that can be worn under an open-necked shirt or as an outer layer I place of a scarf.

At Exclusive Tailors in Phuket, our tailors are on hand to help you select the right suit and accessories to ensure you look your sharpest. To view our range of suits, visit our style section on our website or come and see us at 54/6 Bangla Road in Patong.

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