Sport Coats or Blazers?

Sport Coats or Blazers?

The difference between Sport coats and Blazers – and why it is important

Sports coats and blazers, they seem pretty much the same right? While they do share some similarities, you might be surprised how different they actually are in context. While both lay nicely atop a formal look of dress shirt and trousers, each brings with itself a different connotation, which might be make all the difference depending on where you’re headed.
In this dress guide, we will be covering the main differences between a sports coat and a blazer, and by the end of things, you’ll know what to wear and when, and also having a basic idea on what you should be looking for.

The sport coat

Sports coats, also called sports jackets, as the name implies, has a more casual feel to them. When they were first introduced, sport coats were worn purely for sporting events, such as polo games and range shooting. As time passed, such outfits were deemed an acceptable part of formal attire, and can now be found in the office.
Now, sports coats are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, and are an excellent choice for casual outings and events. The common look now involves a sweater or shirt layered underneath it, giving the wearer a good look that does not restrict movement much, making it perfect for a more active afternoon with movement. It’s also lightweight thanks to design improvements despite the more rugged fabrics used.
The rugged construction includes elbow patches and slit and pleats at the behind portion, allowing the wearer to move around more freely than with a suit jacket or blazer. Even if you aren’t out for sports, these small details are still a fashion statement that looks great.
Wearing the sports coat is easy enough, as it works well with every kind of apparel. Jeans, suit trousers and slacks all work great. You don’t even need to match the colors, as the casual connotation makes things a lot easier. Just be sure to match up your shoes with your trousers of choice.


Blazers were once the uniform of the British Naval Unit centuries ago, and eventually it made its way to the public. While it was previously only available in navy blue, you can now find different colors such as black and grey all over.
Blazers are great as they highlight a man’s figure, and it’s design that incorporates only two buttons allows the wearer to move around with less restriction. There are indeed some minute differences with the previously discussed sports coat though.
The fabric is the main point of divergence. Wool is the ideal choice for blazers, with worsted wool being the most common (yet at the same time, also the least classy). Instead, many now opt for cashmere blazers, which have a luxurious look that can be hard to find in other materials. Flannel has a soft durable feel, and serge offers the best in terms of durability, being the original material used for the military variants.
In terms of colors, blazers should be matched with the trousers, at least in the office. Outside, you can definitely try out brighter colors, though we find the classic navy blue works best. In the office, darker shades are the way to go.


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